Fat Lash Mascara

A Winter Makeup Color Collection

December 28, 2015
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Merle Norman

Whether you’re looking for a great makeup look for your destination wedding, honeymoon or even New Years – we’ve discovered a new collection that just might fit the bill. Merle Norman just launched their Winter Color Collection and also a new mascara, which is perfect for creating dramatic lashes. New this season is the Merle Norman Fat Lash Mascara ($16). It was designed to add major longitude, volume and density to your lashes. It coats each lash with ultra-rich, jet-black pigment and won’t run, bleed or flake. The mascara also features a weighted handle to provide leverage while applying and a slightly curved brush design. The brush is designed to get even the smallest of pesky lashes. The Fat Lash Mascara formula also conditions and nourishes lashes, so you won’t end up with brittle, dry lashes after application. Merle Norman also offers a Mascara Primer ($14), which is recommended to add extra lift and definition to your mascara-covered lashes.

Merle Norman’s new Winter Color Collection features Brilliant Dimension Eye Shadows, Color Stripes, Liquid Lipcolor, Lip Pencils and Lip Polishes. The Brilliant Dimension Eye Shadows ($15) are richly pigmented, multi-dimensional eye shadows designed to capture light. The semi-matte colors, “Be a Gem” and “Get Toasty,” bring a velvety finish to lids. The more festive luminous shades include “City Lights,” “Velvet Orchid,” “Phenom,” “Gold Rush,” “Night Devine” and “Silver Lining.” Also new (and super unique!) is Merle Norman’s “Shade Shifting” Shadow ($15). Shown here in “Magical,” the Shade Shifting Shadows are designed to be applied over any shadow to transform the exisiting shade. It features a base that is nearly transparent so it will add a rosy, penalized effect, while still allowing the shade underneath to shine through. It’s a great way to add dimension to any shadow – even the ones you wear all the time.

There are also two new Merle Norman Color Stripes ($25) in the Winter Color Collection – “Sweet Cheeks” and “All Aglow.” The color stripes available are a cheek color and highlighter. Sweep your makeup brush across all shades for a pop of color or an all-over glow. Lastly, there are some new lip color options in the Winter Collection, including Liquid Lipcolors ($25), a Lip Polish ($15) and a Lip Pencil Plus. All come in rich reds and robust wine shades to give a lady-like spin to your makeup routine for the holidays. New shades include “Starlet,” “First Kiss” and “Hussy.” For more information on Merle Norman cosmetics and it’s new Winter Color Collection, visit merlenorman.com.

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