A Chemical-Free Option

Protection from Tropical Pests

July 29, 2014
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Mosquitno

Ever had a dream, tropical vacation almost ruined by pesky mosquitos? Well, I have on multiple occasions, and let me tell you that spending half the night awake in that gorgeous bungalow of yours itching and scratching isn’t exactly fun! What’s more, once you arrive at your tropical destination it can sometimes be hard to find safe insect-repelling products and many popular brands don’t come in travel sizes. So, what’s a beach-loving girl to do? Thankfully, there’s a new alternative: Mosquitno Bandz!

Avoid looking back at your destination wedding or honeymoon photos and finding yourself covered in red, irritated bites by sporting a Mosquitno Bandz. Avoid have to coat yourself in sprays which can contain chemicals and leave residue on your skin and clothes. Mosquitno Bandz are all-natural, non-toxic wristbands made of silicone rubber infused with citronella oil. They’re even safe and a great option for kids.

Each wrist band contains enough citronella to effectively repel bugs for up to 150 hours, or six days, and the bands are completely waterproof. The bands work by masking the human scents which attract bugs and are more effective than citronella candles because the scent is not dissipated by wind. Each band comes in a re-sealable bag to help preserve effectiveness between uses. Mosquitno Bandz come in eight solid colors, camouflage, tie-dye and glow-in-the-dark sizes for adults and children.

These bands would also make a great addition to your destination wedding welcome bags. Coordinate guests in your wedding colors while helping them stay protected from pesky pests. Mosquitno Bandz retail for $3.99 and can be mailed back to the company for recycling in return for two new Mosquitno Bandz (for every ten returned). They’re available at retailers nationwide and at mosquitnoband.com.

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