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Instant-Print Camera By Kodak

May 1, 2018
Words by Lauren Marshall
Photos courtesy of Kodak

The Kodak Printomatic instant-printing camera is a must-have accessory for your picaresque day-of wedding activities or honeymoon adventures! Guests can capture precious moments at the altar or silly selfies at the reception and have their prints ready on the spot. Or, if you want to create an easy honeymoon scrapbook, the compact, durable camera can follow you almost anywhere on the trip of a lifetime!

Kodak recommends using the camera to make personal mementos, a popup photo booth or as fun snaps to keep in your wallet. Speaking of wallets, the Kodak Printomatic camera is budget-friendly compared to similar products and is priced at just $69.99!

According to Kodak, some features of the camera include:

  • A sleek yet retro design
  • 10-megapixel point-and-shoot
  • Produces full color or black & white 2×3” photo prints directly from the camera body
  • Uses no ink cartridges, toner or film
  • Photos can be saved on the included MicroSD card
  • Camera can shoot a new photo while simultaneously printing the previous shot

It comes in either gray or sunny yellow and easily prints durable, water- and tear-resistant prints on Zink paper. The smudge-proof photo paper comes in packs with 20 sheets for only $9.99 or 50 sheets for $24.99.

You can save the photos digitally by inserting the MicroSD card into your computer’s card reader or by using the included micro USB cable.

So, whether granny is breaking it down on the dance floor, the bride is smearing cake on her groom’s face or the couple is posing on the honeymoon beach, capture those Kodak moments with, well, a Kodak!

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