Gel Heel Socks

Get Your Tootsies Soft for W-Day

September 30, 2013
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of NightCare Products

Being a desert dweller, I am always looking for ways to stay hydrated. Coming off the summer months, my little tooties were in rough shape. Granted, frequent pedicures help, but what was lacking was a solid at-home care regimen. As luck would have it, a thoughtful PR girl read my mind and sent a sample of NightCare’s Intensive Healing Cream and Gel Socks to rescue my ailing feet.

That night, I brought the leopard printed gel socks and healing cream home and slathered on the thick lotion and donned the gel socks. It felt a little strange at first and I realized quickly that walking around in them once they were on, was not a bright idea. The gel is quite thick and when combined with the healing cream, it almost feels “squishy” for lack of a better term. However, the next morning, when I pulled off the socks, my heels were substantially improved. No pumice stone or Pedegg ever worked out my dry heels so quickly.

For brides with dry hands (they have gel gloves too!) or feet , I would absolutely check out NightCare’s products. Keep in mind, they work best overnight vs. putting them on for an hour or so. You’ll still see benefits, but nothing like if you wear them all night.

For happy, supple hands and feet come W-Day, check out NightCare Products.

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