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Create a Digital Wedding Album

September 1, 2015
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of pictyear

Capturing your wedding in photos is key to preserving all the hard work you’ve been doing for the last year or so. Hiring a professional photographer is a must, but don’t forget about your guests! Thankfully, there are apps that let your guest share their personal photos from your wedding with ease. Now, there’s one app that is taking it a step further: pictyear. This is the first app which lets you, friends and family collaborate on digital photobooks. Make a photobook from your wedding with the help of your friends and family by letting them add their own photos.

When you download pictyear, you can use the app’s camera to capture shots of your big day and simply swipe to add them to your group album. You can create and save multiple photobooks at a time, so there’s no mystery in what you ultimately end up ordering. Best of all, once you’ve created your photobooks from you and your guests’ photos, you’ll get a printed version for a keepsake and also a digital version, which can easily be shared via email or social media.

Before W-Day, create one or multiple photobooks using the pictyear app and then invite your guests to join and participate. Guests then use the pictyear app and camera to capture various moments throughout your wedding and reception. By them swiping up after taking the photo, it automatically adds the photo to your book. Once your wedding is over, log in to your pictyear account and view all the captured goodness from those you invited to participate. You can pick and choose from all the photos in order to ultimately create just the album you want. 

Once you’ve got your images, move forward with designing your finished photobook. You can select your photobook format, theme and page layouts. As a bonus, you can edit photos directly within the app as you move them around within the photobook layout. You can add filters to the images and insert captions to help narrate the book. Once your book design is finished and perfect, purchase a concrete copy with one click and gain access to the digital edition. Share the love with your friends and family to show them what they helped to create! Visit for more information or download the mobile app for free through the Apple AppStore or for Android via Google Play.

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