A Bridal Juice Cleanse

January 19, 2016
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Project Juice

Brides and grooms often change their routines or adopt healthy habits in order to look and feel their best come W-Day. This could mean hitting the gym on a more regular basis or a total diet overhaul. Either way, a juice cleanse can be a great way to kick-off a life style change or recoup after a particularly fun weekend of celebrating your impending nuptials! There are plenty of cleanses out there, but there’s one that is easy-as-can-be: the Modern Bride Beauty Kit by Project Juice.

Project Juice isn’t new to the cleanse scene, but now offers delivery outside of their Northern and Southern California stores. Project Juice is one of the country’s leading certified organic, non-GMO verified, cold-pressed juice and plant-based food company. The Modern Bride Beauty Kit combines the company’s most effecting alkalizing and immunity boosting cold-pressed juices with its Wellness Shots. The 2-day kit includes:

Cold-Pressed Juices

–       (2) D-Tox

–       (2) #GetYourGreens

–       (2) Immunity

–       (2) Beta-Bomb

Wellness Shots:

–       (2) Tumeric Tonic

–       (2) Tummy Tonic

Project Juice’s co-founder and director of product development recommends using the cleanse kit throughout wedding planning, but especially before engagement shoots, after parties like your bridal shower/bachelorette party and, of course, just before W-Day. Not only will the kit clear your body of toxins and leave you feeling great, it also serves as an immunity booster – so there’s less chance of getting sick on your wedding day or honeymoon!

“We know it can be difficult to stay on track and look your best during the exciting, sometimes stressful, process of planning a wedding,” says Lori Kenyon Farley, Project Juice Co-Founder and Director of Product Development. “This kit allows a bride – or anyone who wants to look and feel their best for a special occasion – to treat their body to a toxin flush and beauty enhancement, without doing a full-blown cleanse.”

For maximum effectiveness, Project Juice recommends drinking one of each juice and shot per day and eating a light salad for dinner. The Modern Bride Beauty Kit is designed to help remove toxins, reduce bloat and enhance skin tone, all while alkalizing the body, boosting immunity and delivering a healthy glow. We tried a kit and loved the taste and texture of all the juices. One of our editors was battling a nasty cold and swears the juice cleanse stopped it in its tracks.

The Modern Bride Beauty Kit can be purchased at Project Juice locations in Northern and Southern California for $85. The kit can also be purchased online at projectjuice.com and delivered nationwide for $110, which includes shipping.

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