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How To Create A Floral Fantasy

March 8, 2016
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Ron Wendt Design

Planning and designing the destination wedding of your dreams involves potentially endless decisions. To help you in making some of these choices, we love to bring you tips and tricks from wedding industry experts. Today, we’re sharing helpful tips from Ron Wendt Design. RWD offers full service event and design production and specializes in creating sophisticated décor environments comprised of the best in floral and interior ambience. Their clients include Cartier, Chanel, Swarovski, The School of American Ballet and more. We asked the talented team at Ron Wendt Design to share their top tips for pulling off a floral fantasy come W-Day. 

Incorporate a Theme

Pick a flower scheme as a thorough look, one that works well in the location or venue.

Be Inspired by Nature

Use a flower that is representative of your location: tropical if you are in the islands, alpine in the mountains or meadow flowers in the country. Peonies & roses don’t belong on a tropical island anyway.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t be a flower snob; the most simple flower can be the most elegant.

Embrace Your Destination

Be aware of importation taxes. Try to source items locally if possible. Local flora or foliage can make a bouquet feel so much more special. You have spent extra effort to get away, so let your flowers reflect that!

Bring the Drama

A mass of flowers is more impactful than small amounts of flowers all over the place. The use of lots of candles can elevate the experience even more.

Frame the Picture

Always frame the view of the bride as she approaches the aisle. It is the first image that your guests see and is always photographed. After that, it’s important to find a wonderful distant view to feature beyond the ceremony.

It’s All About Balance

If your dress is detailed, then have simple flowers in the bouquet. If your dress is simple, then have a more detailed bouquet. This holds true to any location in which you host your wedding.

Make It Personal

Don’t discard adding a personal touch to your bouquet. For example, you can take an antique handkerchief and use it to wrap the bouquet (if it makes sense for the location and theme). 

Incorporate Local Customs

Inquire about local wedding customs if you’ve picked a location that offers unique traditions to the culture. It can add a fun dimension to your wedding! 

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