Slay Grey

Colorful Kylie Nail Polish

June 2, 2016
Words by Sydney Bowen
Photos courtesy of SinfulColors

The Kardashian sisters are no strangers to all things beauty. From contouring and lip kits to hair styling products, it’s easy to find beauty products that are approved by the famous family. However, their pretty picks for achieving their favorite looks are often pricy.

When Kylie Jenner announced she was collaborating with SinfulColors® on a range of nail polish, I was instantly excited. Not only does the youngest of the Kardashian clan always have great nails, but Sinful Colors is an extremely affordable brand.

Despite this polish only being around two dollars, it is a great quality polish. The color is extremely pigmented, without having to paint multiple coats to get the color that is shown through the bottle – making it a perfect quick and easy option for beautiful bridesmaid or W-Day nails.

The King Kylie SinfulShine Collection has 20 gorgeous shades, including:

  • Da New Black – A deep black paired with multi colored glitter
  • Karnival – A rich and glittery purple
  • Kalypso – An electric and bright blue
  • True Kolor – A deep royal blue, so potent it almost appears matte
  • Karamel – A gorgeous blush shade with gold and pink glitter
  • Kovet – A snow white shade with iridescent glitter
  • Kween – A pure hot pink
  • Slay Grey – A light grey with gold glitter (and my personal fave!)

With my Slay Grey pedicure still perfectly intact with no chips five days after my personal spa day, I am extremely pleased with the colors, quality and am looking forward to what colors Kylie Jenner and Sinful Colors have in store next. Kylie has collaborated with SinfulColors® on multiple polish collections, so visit for more information on the polishes and where you can buy them.

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