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Is Your Skin Ready for its Close-Up?

December 5, 2013
Words by Gina Mari
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Esthetician to the stars, Gina Marí, is sharing her techniques for flawless, wedding-ready skin. Whether you opt to visit a technician’s office, like Marí’s Beverly Hills location, for the Cadillac of skincare services, or work on your skin at home – she has the tricks and techniques necessary for ensuring you have flawless, luminous skin on your destination wedding day or honeymoon.

One year before the wedding is when you need to address what your skin concerns are and what your goal from head to toe is for the big day. This is the perfect opportunity to get aggressive with whatever it is that needs to be corrected; fine lines, acne, pigmentation or scars.  Also don’t forget to address your body, décolleté area, arms and back. Some examples of remedies I perform to get this all started are diamond tip microdermabrasion, heavier peels every other visit and, of course, extractions to clean your skin pore by pore. 

Six months prior to your destination wedding or honeymoon, you’re going to continue this regimen for all of the above plus adding on glycolic body washes and LED body infusion to target any specified skin issues such as pigmentation or aging.

At one month before, we tweak those prior treatments so they are more subtle, but reoccurring and all at once. For instance, a light glycolic body wash, microdermabrasion on your entire body, LED body infusion, performing only necessary extractions and one final light facial peel, but only if you are able to stay out of the sun!

The day before THE big day, we would have you come in for a “Pretty” appointment. During this time, we do very light microdermabrasion on the entire body to make your skin look fresh and flawless, tons of vitamins applied directly to the skin, one last LED infusion and lots of oxygen. If there is any early morning time the day of the wedding, we recommend going in for a final visit to get in a few minutes of direct collagen application, additional vitamins and your last blasts of O2.

 At Home:

·         For a beautiful, at-home mini treatment, Ayur Medic’s Papaya Enzyme Peel works wonders to lightly exfoliate off the superficial layers, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. This mask also has a tightening effect which is great if you have larger pores or produce excess oil.

·         Ayur Medic also makes a Pumpkin Exfoliant which you leave on for just three minutes and the result is a fresh, glowing complexion.

·         Add two cups non-fat dry milk to your bath and then lather on some avocado oil for a silky smooth finish.

·         For fresh, plump lips, lightly brush your lips with your toothbrush, then apply cinnamon and vitamin e as a gloss. The cinnamon slightly irritates your lips, leaving you with a kissable pout while the vitamin e gives a beautiful shine

·         If the wedding planning is getting to be a bit much, take a five minute break and de-stress by putting your feet up and applying cold tea bags under your eyes. Take it a step further by lathering your hands with coconut oil and wrapping them in sandwich bags. This allows the product to warm itself up with your own body temperature and penetrate into the skin.

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Photos courtesy of: Rod Roberts (2nd) and Derrick Strickland (1st & 3rd).

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