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Maximize Your Couple’s Massage

October 1, 2018
Words by CIVANA Carefree Resort
Photos courtesy of CIVANA Carefree

You’ve dreamed about your wedding day for years, but the reality of the days and weeks before that momentous occasion will have its fair share of stress and anxiety. 

Breaking away for an intentional hour or two with your partner can go a long way in realigning your union and soothing any nerves or tension that is a typical of the pre-wedding planning process. A couple’s massage is a wonderful way to share a romantic experience while also naturally quieting your body’s stress response. Massage is proven to release the neuropeptide oxytocin, a bonding hormone that increases feelings of trust and security.

Whether you choose to book a pre-wedding couple’s massage to calm your harried selves down before the big day or unwind after the festivities with a honeymoon session, here are some pointers to make the most of your couple’s massage.

  • Set the mood with a couple’s suite like the one at Spa CIVANA (opening December 2018) featuring a relaxation area and a soaking tub or a romantic couple’s outdoor private shower offering beautiful mountain views.
  • Optimize the benefits by taking advantage of hydrotherapy immersions with varying temperatures that relax your muscles and soften your skin prior to and after a treatment. Spa CIVANA’s communal hydrotherapy area will offer various ways to achieve this.
  • Extend the bliss by allowing yourself enough time to enjoy the benefits of your treatment. Plan all other honeymoon activities (like hiking, biking, wall yoga and art classes) earlier in the day and save the couple’s massage as a post-activity treat.
  • Nourish your body with a light meal two hours prior to your treatment. The body’s digestive system requires a significant amount of energy and can compete with the feel-good benefits of a massage.
  • Save the bubbly to toast with your loved one for after your massage. You’ll want to savor the therapeutic benefits of your time on the table with your senses fully intact.
  • Digitally detox by turning off your phones and taking advantage of quiet areas. Use this time to imagine your life-to-be and reconnect as a couple.
  • Express your desires. Feel free to request a gender preference for your therapist or ask for recommendations from the spa. Whether male or female, the therapists at CIVANA will check in with you during your treatment and adjust the pressure or touch to your liking. Communication is key – whether with your therapist OR your new spouse!

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