A Must-Have App

A Travel Savvy App

October 15, 2014
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Stay.com

When traveling to a new destination, there’s always some pressure to make the most of your time. What are the must-see attractions? What’s the best spot for a locally-inspired meal? Thankfully, there’s a website which has your back. Stay.com features over 1,000 Local Expert Guides across 150 destinations world-wide. Instead of going the touristy route, get advice from Stay.com and learn where the locals go. Even better is the fact that Stay.com just recently launched a new iOS and Android app. Get access to these local guides and lists straight from your phone.

Traveling abroad? Not a problem! Download city guides in advance of your trip to have access to all that Stay.com has to offer without needing Wi-Fi. Are you a major foodie? Download the list for must-hit tapas spots in Madrid from the local expert before you leave the comfort of your home airport. The possibilities are endless and this app is great for frequent travelers who want to make the most of their time abroad and hit the truly must-see spots. For example, I have a long layover in L.A. coming up and I’m anxious to use my time wisely and see the city, rather than sitting in LAX for six hours. So, I went to Stay.com and looked through various one-day itineraries of L.A. to get ideas on what to do!

Going somewhere new for your destination wedding? Type out a suggested guide or list from Stay.com to be included in your guests’ welcome bags. The work is already done for you and you can rest easy your guests will be in good hands. For your honeymoon, use the website’s “My Guide” feature to add various attractions, hotels and restaurants to your interactive map. This way you can have a running list of places you’re interested in, without having to put together a full-fledged itinerary in advance. For more information or to begin exploring your chosen destination, visit stay.com.

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