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The Ultimate Beach Wedding Product

August 6, 2018
Words by Lauren Marshall
Photos courtesy of CGear

Imagine your destination wedding or honeymoon on the beach. You’ve got your toes in the sand and not a care in the world. That is, until you have to schlep all your things back up to the hotel room. The worst part? There is sand… everywhere. Avoid this issue at all costs with this beach item you and your honey won’t want to be without. 

CGear is a company that uses a special material designed for sand to fall through and not come back up. Among their array of products is the tote bag. The mesh bottom bags don’t let any sand into them, even if you set them directly into it!

CGear says, “After you are done at the beach, toss your gear inside and give it a good shake and the sand will fall out of the bottom.”

Even better, particles cannot get in from the outside. CGear has really made the impossible, possible. 

Available in blue and black, the CGear Tote II Sand-Free Bag measures 16.4 inches high, 26 inches wide and 9.4 inches deep. It’s a durable tote for the beach or any outdoor activity, the bag is built with sturdy construction including a heavy-duty strap and handle, and reinforced box stitch seams.

So, go ahead, throw your cell phones at the bottom of the bag, along with that book you may or may not read, and stroll down the beach with your newly betrothed. Nothing is stopping you.

Now, if only planning were this easy.

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