The Ultimate in Gifts for Guys

October 25, 2017
Words by Jennifer Stein
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Tracking the Outdoorsman 

When you take the bachelor party off-the-grid and into places where cell phones die and wild things live, give everybody peace of mind with the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. By enabling the tracking feature, your location is uploaded via satellite to an online map in real time, so friends and family can track your progress.  To let everyone know you are doing well, press the “OK” button and a custom message will be sent via email or SMS to up to 10 pre-determined contacts. In case of an emergency, press the SOS button and emergency responders (police, highway patrol, search and rescue teams etc.) are notified and Heaven and Earth is set in motion to find you.
Price: $120 + optional online map subscription and rescue insurance

Laziness is probably the main driving force behind the World’s greatest inventions and the Garmin Rino 650 rugged GPS + radio must have been conceived by a bunch of lazy ingenious engineers thinking, “I would like to carry one less thing while hiking.” So, they combined a high-sensitivity GPS with a powerful FRS/GMRS radio. This is one of the best GPS devices available and with a headset you can assign awesome call-signs to your friends and play special ops missions while hiking. It is a must for advanced paintball battles or hunting trips. One of the coolest features is the “view multiple contacts” screen where you can see where your friends are in relation to you. 
Price: $500

Putting the Techie in Charge

For the technology-loving guy, World domination through the accumulation of powerful gadgets is the ultimate objective. But, the techie is nothing without power. That is why the Soladec Hybrid All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger and External Battery Pack with Integrated Ultra High-Flux LED Light is the ultimate gift. The Soladec charger allows you to charge most USB powered portable electronic devices from smartphones and MP3 players, to tablets, e-readers and more. It has built-in LED lamps and can function as a flashlight and SOS lamp blinker (so you can let other techies know your quest for World domination has failed).
Price: $100

Protecting the Traveler

Some say the Amazon Kindle is the best gadget of the decade. Not only has it made something as simple as reading easier, but it keeps the nightstand tidy and you save a lot of gas money not going to the library. The best thing about a Kindle is the number of books you can store on it so you can bring hundreds of books with you when you travel. However, to get the most of your Kindle on the road, protect it with an OtterBox Commuter Series case. It can take a serious beating and will prolong the life of your book collection.
Price: $50

Improving the Sportsman

The Forerunner® 910XT is the ultimate training tool for the fitness enthusiast. If you are a swimmer, biker or runner and you obsess over heart-rate data and map details, this is the perfect training partner for you. The auto multisport feature lets you switch sport modes with the press of one button, so you don’t lose any time transitioning from one sport to another. The 910XT also offers extensive swim metrics, including swim distance, stroke identification, stroke count and pool lengths. And once you are done, you can upload the data to your favorite social media site. To inspire others, of course! Never to boast…
Price: $450

There is only one way to truly capture a bachelor party: Strap a HD HERO2 1080p video camera to your head and capture the action from your point-of-view. Or get one camera for each person in the bachelor party to create the best video ever. It is waterproof and can take a beating, so whether you are partying, biking, skiing, skating or kayaking, your moment will be captured in brilliant HD quality. Check out the videos at the website. They are ridiculous!
Price: $300

With several million “likes” on Facebook, Golfshot is a popular Golf GPS app for iPhone & iPad and a must-have for the devoted golfer. The app has outstanding stats and graphics capability and includes more than 15,000 international courses. 
Price: $30

Connecting the Businessman

If you are a businessman and you need to be connected at all times, at any cost, the CradlePoint COR IBR600 4G wireless broadband router is your life-line. Where a puny cellphone antenna cannot pick up a signal, the IBR600 does it. The External 3G/4G and WiFi antennas will get you a signal almost anywhere. 
Price: $500

Sometimes presentation makes all the difference and if you are into Tequila shots at the bachelor party to reclaim past glory, the Tequila Buffet will be a huge success. It is basically a tray with room for everything you need to make the perfect Tequila shot. The tray, which is made from beautiful reclaimed chestnut, is made to hold a 375 ml Patron bottle (not included) and comes with a cutting board, knife and spoon. Put in your favorite shot-glasses and you are ready to go. How you mix it up is entirely up to you. We recommend taking the Tequila shot and throwing the salt into your best friend’s left eye and squeezing the lime in the other. It is called teamwork.
Price: $90 

Photos Courtesy of Golfshot (1st), Garmin (2nd), Spot (3rd) and GoPro (4th)

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