Glowing from the Inside Out

Tips For A Joyful Radiant Bride

September 13, 2018
Words by CIVANA Carefree Resort
Photos courtesy of Chris Frailey Photography

Committing yourself to your soulmate is one of the milestones in your life. Capturing the moments and that special glow of wellbeing comes mostly from the inside and radiates beyond. Here are a few tips from the health and wellness experts at greater Scottsdale’s, CIVANA Carefree Resort to help prepare you for the big day.

Glowing from the Inside Out: Facials can be a great way to ensure you look your best before your wedding, but the key is to do it at the right time. CIVANA estheticians recommend avoiding a facial or a peel or trying new products the last week before the big day. 

Honor Your Body: If you want to look your best, you need to eat right. At CIVANA Carefree, we offer options that allow you to nourish yourself with delicious salads and vegetable-forward dishes with proteins as a side. CIVANA’s nutritionist suggests avoiding ‘white foods’ – like white bread, white potatoes and flour-based products. Watch your sugar intake, which can cause weight gain, but can also cause skin breakouts.

Move and Meditate with Intention: Take 10-15 minutes of intentional movement in the form of exercise or even stretching to release any stress. While you’re at it, use the time to center yourself and meditate. CIVANA Carefree offers up 12 complimentary classes that will help you feel grounded while helping your body release tension.

Water as Fuel: Drink as much H2O as you can to help flush out toxins, leave your skin glowing and keep your energy high. At CIVANA, every guest in your wedding party will receive a reusable hydration bottle at check-in that can be refilled at several water stations throughout the resort.

Carve out Some Quiet Time: While there is much to do to ensure last-minute wedding details, don’t let this time slip by without taking some quiet time for yourself to reflect on you and the significance of this union. Find one of our sanctuary spaces at CIVANA Carefree to spend with your fiancé to be still in the moment and appreciate what really matters – the two of you! 

Focus On The End Goal: In your desire for a perfect celebration, recognize and accept that not everything may go exactly according to plan. Ultimately, the goal (hopefully!) is to marry your best friend in the presence of loved ones. Whatever happens, nothing can take that away from you.

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