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7 Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

March 13, 2018
Words by Katelyn Stanis
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Writing your wedding vows can feel like the most daunting task on your destination wedding to-do list. As a professional wedding vow writer, I collaborate with couples to create custom wedding vows. Here are my seven tips for how to write your wedding vows for your destination wedding.

1. Prepare in Advance: Avoid the stress and don’t attempt to completely write your vows while at your destination. Before you land, have a wedding vow brainstorm. Jot down every feeling or story that comes to mind when you think about your relationship.   

Then, start writing a few different drafts. Bring each version with you. Once you’ve landed, you won’t feel overwhelmed since you already have some groundwork to work from. 

2. Pack Your Bags: What will you need to write your vows? Your laptop, favorite pen, journal? Make a list of your vow writing essentials so you don’t leave anything at home. Be sure to also include anything you’ll need on the big day like wedding vow booklets.   

3. Schedule Time: When you arrive, there will be nonstop wedding activities. It’s important to set aside time for when you plan to write your vows.

Schedule “vow writing” into your wedding week calendar just like you would for the rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party. If you don’t, your opportunity to sit down and focus on your vows will pass. And no bride wants to stress out at 2 a.m. the night before her wedding ceremony in an effort to find the right words for her vows. 

Schedule at least one to two hours throughout your trip for vow writing. These are the words that will mark your entrance into marriage. You’ll be glad you carved out time to create meaningful vows.   

4. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings: You’re in a beautiful place with new scenery. Travel alone to a quiet beach or cozy up in the corner of an outdoor patio bar. Allow the smell of the sea breeze and the sound of coastal waves to stir awake your love story.

This is the advantage of having your wedding in an exotic location. You can hide away in a peaceful place, outside of your normal routine. Explore your deepest emotions and feelings before the big day in this new location – the perfect way to become inspired.

5. Identify Themes: You did some wedding vow writing pre-work before your flight. Now use the notes from your brainstorm to discover themes in your relationship. What stands out? Perhaps words like supportive or adventurous come to mind.

Once you identify a theme, this will run through your vows as the common thread that ties all your stories and promises together.

6. Hire a Professional Wedding Vow Writer: Struggling to plan a destination wedding and write your unique wedding vows? It’s a lot to balance. At Wedding Words, I work with busy couples to write heartfelt and personalized wedding vows. I’d love to collaborate with you. 

7. Practice: Make sure you practice reading your wedding vows before the ceremony. The more you practice saying your vows, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel. 

Try rehearsing in front of your maid of honor. Receiving constructive feedback on your public speaking skills will help work out those nervous habits before you read your vows in front of your fiancé and guests.

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