Five Expert Tips About Diamonds

August 12, 2015
Words by Jennifer Stein
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After a recent, all-access look inside Antwerp’s diamond industry, we came away informed, inspired and itching to shop. Diamonds inspire love and symbolize commitment and, after learning about what it takes to get these precious stones from the recesses of the earth and on to your ring finger, it’s easy to see why. Our generous hosts, Tolkowsky and Kay Jewelers, taught us five lesser-known facts about the iconic diamond.

  1. Trading of diamonds goes all the way back to India and the fourth century BC, but they didn’t become fashion accessories until the 1400s.
  2. The round brilliant, Ideal Cut diamond is still considered the standard to which all diamonds are compared because it doesn’t sacrifice light perfection for size.
  3. Antwerp, Belgium has played a role in the diamond industry since the 15th century and today roughly 80% of the world’s rough stones still make their way through Antwerp’s Diamond District. (For more information on Antwerp as a romantic destination, pick up the Fall 2015 issue of Destination I Do, on newsstands now!)
  4. Referring to your diamond as a “rock” doesn’t give it nearly the credit it’s due. For every one ton of rock moved out of a diamond mine, it will produce roughly one carat of diamond.
  5. Today, less than 1% of the diamonds on the market aren’t “responsibly sourced.” When it comes to Tolkowsky, every rough stone is handpicked and sourced.

Both round Ideal Cut and princess Ideal Cut Tolkowsky diamonds are sold exclusively with Kay Jewelers in the U.S. For five more fun facts about diamonds and the Tolkowsky brand, pick up Destination I Do’s Fall 2015 issue, which is on newsstands now!

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