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Honeymoon Travel Insurance Tips

October 23, 2018
Words by Kristi Myllenbeck with VisitorsCoverage
Photos courtesy of Pixabay

When planning your dream honeymoon, travel insurance is one item that cannot be ignored. Exotic locales and memory-making activities all come with inherent risks, from flight delays due to extreme weather to the risk of injury from activities including reef snorkeling or zipline adventures. With a little online research and comparison shopping, adding travel insurance to your honeymoon planning buys peace of mind.


Always purchase travel insurance for all non-domestic travel.

Many Americans believe that their US-based medical insurance will cover them overseas. While some policies may pay for specific reimbursements, payment must be made at the time services are rendered and not all providers or clinics are considered authorized providers. Check with your medical provider before you travel – any serious medical injury or illness could mean large unplanned, out-of-pocket expenses that could put a damper on your honeymoon.


Always purchase travel insurance at the time of your trip booking.

Travel insurance, flight delay or trip interruption coverage for global incidents such as the recent Indonesian earthquakes and the Kilauea volcanic eruption were only considered a covered expense if the policies were purchased before the incidents occurred. Don’t let global natural disasters or extreme weather situations that you have no control over ruin your honeymoon.


Always purchase a comprehensive policy that will cover not only medical emergencies, but also lost luggage, lost passports, flight delays and cancellations.

Most Americans are lulled into a false sense of security by believing that their credit card company will cover lost luggage, flight delays or flight cancellations. While this may hold true in certain situations, a comprehensive travel insurance policy goes beyond pure medical coverage and will cover you for these and other incidents, including passport theft, robbery, border entry denial and more.


If you plan to engage in adventure sports such as ziplining, parasailing, skiing or scuba diving, you must add a hazardous sports rider to your travel insurance policy.

A standard travel insurance policy will only cover you for medical incidents that happen as a result of normal activities such as swimming, hiking or unforeseen injuries or illness not directly caused by the insured. Travelers that opt not to purchase a hazardous sports rider risk financial devastation if serious injury results from a non-covered activity.


Make sure your travel insurance policy includes coverage for an ambulance, medical air evacuation and repatriation back to the States.

A major medical incident in a remote locale that is inaccessible by ambulance may require transport by helicopter or plane. Make sure air evacuation and ambulance transport are part of your package, as well as repatriation, which will transport you to a US-based hospital for surgery or specialized recovery from severe illness or injury.

Only a small percentage of actual accidents or severe illnesses occur during global travel…except when they do. Plan the most exciting and romantic honeymoon you can after celebrating your nuptials. Create your first memorable experiences as a married couple but, ‘know before you go’ and make sure you are covered for any unforeseen incidents that may occur during this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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