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5 Travel Must-Haves

March 12, 2018
Words by Jennifer Stein
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At Destination I Do, we take travel pretty seriously. We regularly globe trot to the far-flung places you read about, so finding the best tools to get there unscathed is part of our mission.

Below are some tried-and-true products that were sent to us as samples for our review. We’ve used each of these and put them to the test…and as a result can recommend them to you for your upcoming destination wedding (as gifts for your gang), honeymoon or romantic vacation. 

1. The All-In-One Towel/Blanket/Sarong/Scarf

Case + Drift came up with a travel solution for the trendy jet setter who needs one or all of the above. You could even get super creative and use the towel as a baby blanket, yoga mat, tablecloth or picnic blanket. All three designs come in multiple colors, are designed in the USA and manufactured in Turkey. The lightweight and portable design makes them a great travel companion no matter where you’re headed. $40

2. Packing Cubes

As a clothes rolling super packer, I didn’t really see the point of the packing cube…until I gave them a trial run on my last trip. Mumi sent over a mixture of sizes ranging from small to large and a couple shoe bags as well. I gave them a whirl on a trip to NYC where I had to switch hotels four times in five days. Immediately I became a firm believer. Being able to pack outfits together and return them to their cubes after being warn not only kept me organized, but it helped me avoid having to unpack and repack multiple times. I will forever be using the packing cube for travel and especially Mumi as they provide style, durability, lightweight design and easy sliding zippers for a seamless packing experience. Sets range from $14 to $122

3. Petite Ponchos

Traveling with kids can be tricky…especially when you’re headed to the water. Wet hair and sandy bods can throw cleanliness and style right out the window. Enter the Kindhood. Made of a blend of bamboo and cotton, the Kindhood replaces the traditional towel with a soft, wearable poncho. No longer are kids forced to be tightly wrapped in a towel cocoon and kept stationary. With the Kindhood, kiddos’ arms are free allowing them to snack, play and move around – the way they’re meant to. Add a front pouch and you’ve got a little place to keep hands warm or a collection of seashells dry. $57

4. Traveling Double Hammock

No matter where you find yourself, chances are you’re going to need a little outdoor R&R. Nothing recharges batteries or gives you the “one with nature” feel like lounging in a hammock. Grand Trunk created Parachute nylon hammocks that can go anywhere. The hammocks fold up into a built-in pouch, so they don’t add bulk to your bag. They are incredibly durable and the oversized space, which can hold up to 400 pounds, allows for you to cuddle close while swaying between two palm trees on the waters of the Caribbean Sea or taking in a book underneath soaring pines in the forest. $69 with a lifetime guarantee (extra trunk strap not included.)

5. Sleek Satin Accessories

Whether or not you’re traveling, no one wants wrinkles or frizzy hair. Grace Eleyae took the benefits of a satin pillowcase and reimagined it into a variety of accessories. They make the classic satin pillowcase in a myriad of colors – perfect for treating your skin and helping it remain wrinkle free. The pillowcase comes in a small pouch, making it possible to easily pack it for your destination wedding or honeymoon. Even if the hotel pillows aren’t that great, at least you’ll have a silky smooth pillowcase. Grace Eleyae has also introduced the idea of using satin to protect your hair. Satin is gentler on your hair, can prolong your style, leads to less cuticle roughing and helps to control frizz. The brand makes several satin-lined accessories like hats, headbands, turbans and scrunchies. So, keep your honeymoon hair in tip-top shape whether you’re hitting the slopes or lying in the sand. Products range from $6.99 to $59.95.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Grace Eleyae Inc. (1st & 8th), Kindhood (2nd & 9th), Case + Drift (3rd & 10th), Grand Trunk (4th & 5th) and Mumi (6th & 7th).

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