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Vintage Wedding Dress Styles

November 30, 2017
Words by Betty Moore
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Besides selecting your bachelorette party games, choosing an appropriate dress is one of the most important decisions you need to make for your big day. When choosing a wedding dress, it is necessary to open yourself to all the options the market avails to you. One of the best options you have for dressing yourself on your memorable day is the vintage dresses of yester years. If you value tradition and want to walk in the footsteps of your mothers and grandmothers, then you have to try these vintage dressing styles. Here are some of the best vintage styles you can sample to bring the golden echoes and memories of the past into your wedding day as you start a new journey into your future.

Princess Gowns

Let us start our list on a princely platform. For a girl who values a wedding look that is enriched with jewelry, look no further to bring out the royalty within you. The gown comes with a dramatic hoop skirt that is fitted with a waist that transforms your body into an instant beauty queen for your joyous ceremony.

Rustic Gowns

Do you intend to have a backyard ceremony that allows you to enjoy the sunset with your family and friends? For a bride who loves the outdoor life and is ready to go against the grain of wedding dressing formality, you will discover a safe haven in this kind of vintage dress. It offers that effortless beauty that makes you look like an angelic visitor on your own wedding day. It allows you to wear the most beautiful veil – your broad and natural smile. Even though the dress does not sweep the floor as you majestically walk into your wedding venue, it ends around your ankles allowing you to display your wedding day shoes. You can enrich its beauty by adding a flower crown to give yourself a bold accessory.

Wartime Gowns

If you want to forgo the convention of white gowns, you can sound a battle cry by wearing a wartime-inspired wedding dress. When you desire to make a statement of personal liberation from the chains of convention, you will find solace in this vintage gown. It can be costeffective, so you can earn some savings to spend on your honeymoon. This style comes as a mix of formal dressing and a ceremonial dress code, since it features a skirt. The skirt features a high waist and flows down to your knees. It allows brides to forgo the conventional and superstitious veil since they can use a hat. This way, you have an opportunity to engage your creative instinct and include your preferred color with the dress.

Art Deco Gowns

If you want a wedding day look that brings out your creative genius and allows you to bring out your feminine grace, then you need to go for the Art Deco dressing code. The dress brings out the golden memories of the 1920s and often comes with a perfect blend of crystals, pearls, ruffles and lace. It allows you to engage your creative genius and decorate it with feathers and your preferred colors to match your auspicious day.

Victorian-Inspired Gowns

A list of vintage wedding dress styles is incomplete without the Victorian contribution. It comes with many economic benefits that allow you to make the best of your wedding budget. You can shop for these gowns based on their eras or the retro touches that allow you to express your unique style and to stand before your future husband as a liberated woman.

Classic Gowns

For brides who want to stand out on their big day as beauty queens in their own right, they can embrace the classic wedding dress. This dress style allows you to strike the elusive balance between stunning beauty and simplicity, since it comes with limited embellishment. It has a simple neckline and fits modestly with its white color and flowing material. Additionally, it does not have a spectacular waistline, ruffled sleeves or tulle that are common with other wedding dresses. For a bride who wants to relive the snow-white beauty and glory of the 1950s, this dress is all she needs. Its gracely and pragmatic nature fits any bride who wants to underscore her feminine elegance. 

Vintage dresses are still here with us. For brides who desire to explore the riches and beauty our mothers and grannies enjoyed during their joyous ceremony, the vintage costumes we have shared in this post give you a wide pool of choice. We believe you now know what best suits your personal vintage dressing needs and preferences.                                                

Betty Moore is an aspiring designer striving to bring design to another level like we all do. If you are interested in wedding design and business, you can find her on Twitter.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Chic Vintage Brides,, Etsystatic, Pinterest (4th & 6th) & Victorian Children

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