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Safety Planning for Any Destination

May 22, 2017
Words by Nicole Dusanek
Photos courtesy of Cyril Assentio

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or your honeymoon, ensure your safety by downloading the free WePROTECT (formally known as My Panda) app.

There’s no doubt, traveling is exciting, invigorating and inspiring. Deciding to take that leap and see where the wind takes you is admirable—but not without considering safety.

WePROTECT is an app that allows the traveler to experience the wonder of adventure without the burden of constantly worrying about their safety. This easy-to-use app collects data from social media feeds, local news alerts, and nearby users to provide the traveler with recent information about the city they are in.

The app was also updated in December to fit the needs of the user. The new features include:

  • Barometer
  • Heat Map
  • Tracking by a friend
  • Ability to receive a danger notification
  • Ability to share your feeling
  • My family section

The app aims to change people’s habits by making them aware of their situation and any possible dangers. It also will allow the user to be more comfortable when they are traveling by allowing them to see a barometer of their security level.

 Other features include:

  • Geolocation
  • Emergency route location to the nearest Police Department
  • Contact authorities with one click
  • Report danger if you see a crime or act of terror
  • Train you to quickly react and how to report information to the Police
  • Receive information on security events in the country where you are located
  • You belong to an active prevention community

 WePROTECT is available for download in the Apple and Android app stores. What makes WePROTECT unique from other safety apps is its ability to crowd-source real-time data for its users. Also, everything you need is on one platform for the user’s convenience. 

Make traveling comfortable. Download WePROTECT today to prepare for your future adventures. Safe travels!

To download WePROTECT, visit the apple store at apple.com or visit My PANDA at the android store at play.google.com.To learn more about the app, visit weprotect-app.com

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