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August 8, 2013
Words by Jennifer Stein
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(New York, NY – January 15, 2007)  Traveler’s Joy, a popular online honeymoon registry service, now offers features that make giving a wedding gift even more personal. As newly engaged couples seek nontraditional wedding gifts from convenient online honeymoon travel registries, they will find two new features available with Traveler’s Joy. The company is meeting the demands of their ever-expanding membership by offering a new interface that makes it easier for members to manage their account, and an enhanced registry page which includes the ability to add YouTube video and Flickr photo slideshows. Traveler’s Joy is the first honeymoon registry service that allows members to add video and a photo slideshow to their personal registry page. These added features make giving and receiving unique wedding gifts, like skydiving in Fiji and taking Chinese language lessons in Shanghai, easier than ever before.

“We provide our members with the tools to build a honeymoon registry where they can share their passion for travel with their friends and family members,” says Brandon Warner, president and co-founder of Traveler’s Joy. “We want friends and family to feel as though they are part of the couple’s honeymoon experience and a personal video and photos are the best way to make the wedding guests feel included.”

In addition to making couples’ honeymoon registry pages easier to build and customize, the two new multimedia services offered by Traveler’s Joy allow a member to welcome friends and family to their registry, describe their honeymoon, or share the story of how they met. Members can film a digital video, upload it to YouTube, and then easily add it to their custom Traveler’s Joy registry page. To personalize their page further, they can also take photos from their Flickr account and add them as a photo slideshow to their registry page.

New wedding registry options like Traveler’s Joy are a great way for couples to expand beyond the traditional gravy boat and toasters given to most wedding couples. The Internet is providing exciting new options for wedding gift registries, an industry that hadn’t changed much in the decades prior to the boom of e-commerce. The Internet has not only fueled growth in traditional registry options like housewares, but has created a new market of registries including those for honeymoons.

According to, the average age of U.S. wedding couples today is 28, up from age 25 in 1986. As the age of wedding couples has increased, the demand for traditional wedding gifts like monogrammed towels and kitchen appliances has fallen off. If the success of Traveler’s Joy is any indication, wedding guests are also excited to have a new outlet for giving gifts. Studies find a guest will spend, on average, $85 on a wedding gift.

“Our members average almost $120 per honeymoon gift, over 40% more than the traditional wedding gift,” says Warner. “Traveler’s Joy provides a highly personalized gift option that both wedding couples and guests want. Couples using our service average close to $1,700 in gifts towards their honeymoon, which is a considerable chunk of today’s average honeymoon cost of $4,000.”

Traveler’s Joy, Inc. is a company dedicated solely to non-traditional online gift registries, so all members receive the highest level of personalized service. The site offers extensive proprietary advice on creating a registry, and researching and planning travel. The simple, sophisticated design, allows even the least tech-savvy guests to navigate the site, search for a registry, and give a special gift easily and securely.

For other press materials, visit the Traveler’s Joy press page.

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