Wedding Tips to Save Time and Money

May 15, 2018
Words by Wedding Salon
Photos courtesy of Olli Studio

Weddings are fun and should be the most memorable day in your life. However, more often than not couples don’t anticipate how much work goes into planning their dream wedding, especially for those couples on a limited budget and who have stepped into the shoes of wedding planner for the first time. 

Here are three tips to help you navigate your wedding planning:

  • Venues: Most will give you a discount if you upgrade at the beginning instead of at the end. If you know what upgrade you want before signing the contract, speak up early or forever hold your peace. This will save you money and time in negotiation. Also, get an invoice of what everything will look like with literally the words, “There are no added charges.” Save some cash by booking on a Sunday or Thursday (alternate nights). Also, you can book during slower seasons (July- August, January- March). 
  • Invitations: Couples should be aware of copyright ownership with some invitation vendors. For the use of the invites created for your wedding on your bridal website, etc. read the fine print copyright disclosure on the agreement you signed. Some vendors will want you to pay extra to use your new custom logo or design on your own website, etc. Some may want you to buy the copyright from them. Also, beware that some invitation vendors advertise that they are “custom,” but really they are just “customized” using templates. You can save in small areas such as leaving the return address off, so guests have to address the RSVP themselves.
  • Catering: Focus on presentation. This can save money, which can be put to use elsewhere. You can be simple with the food, but the presentation can be very interesting if you use some imagination. Look online for inspiration. A sit-down dinner usually costs more and a buffet is less. You can limit choices without having to sacrifice too much, but always have an option for those guests who are vegetarian.

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