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Awesome Wedding Workouts

August 14, 2017
Words by Jill Penfold
Photos courtesy of Jill Penfold Fitness

Designed specifically for the bride-to-be, the L.A. Bride Body Transformation System is a simple, downloadable training program designed to help sculpt and tone the parts of the body accentuated by a wedding gown. From start to finish, the program takes 12 weeks and will guide a bride step-by-step through various wedding workouts. Depending on the specific area of the body that needs the most attention, a bride-to-be can choose from two available programs: either the “Backless” or “Sleeveless” program.

Regardless of which program chosen, the client will benefit from achieving total body fitness from my “Body Carving Cardio Circuits,” “P.U.S.H Training,” “Honeymoon Ab Circuits” and the” Steady State Cardio Training.” Below are some highlights from each of the Bride Body Transformation System programs.

Sleeveless Gowns

Here are my two favorite moves from the L.A. Bride Body Sleeveless” program:

The Bicep Curl:

Bicep curls give strength and tone to the upper arms. This pulling exercise helps tone and firm the area from your shoulder to your forearm.

The Tricep Extension:

This exercise is excellent for targeting the back of the arms. The muscle here is called the tricep. By using overhead extension, you are going against resistance and gravity and pushing. It’s more-or-less the opposite of the bicep curl. Sculpt and tone the underneath/back of your arms to get ready for your big day.

Backless Gowns

Check out my top two moves to help smooth and tone your upper back and chest to get ready for your “Backless” wedding gown.

The Push-Up:

This amazing body weight exercise is a miracle worker when sculpting and toning the upper body. The area that sometimes bulges from the top of a wedding gown can be helped greatly from small sets of daily push-ups. They aid in toning, firming and helping reduce body fat. Modify if you need to…you will build up the strength to perform standard push-ups over time.

The Reverse Fly:

For this exercise, we use gravity as our resistance, as well as the small dumbbells. A slight hinge at the hips and a flat back will put you in the perfect position to fly the dumbbells up, squeezing the shoulder blades together. This will tone and firm the muscles of the back. The sides of the upper back are always a concern for brides, so this exercise is a MUST to smooth out those lumps and bumps.

All of the exercises above should be performed with light weights – two to five-pound dumbbells. Perform 12-15 repetitions of each, followed by sufficient rest, then repeat the set a total of four times. Also, always include cardio in your workouts to burn fat and improve your overall fitness and health. Find all of these exercises and the entire 12 week training program at!

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