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A Mediterranean Affair in Santorini, Greece

Words by Jennifer Stein
A Mediterranean Affair In Santorini, Greece
By Kate Darnell
Photography by Jefferson Todd Photography,
When Lasha travelled out to California, he never thought he’d meet the woman of his dreams. From the moment they met, Danielle and Lasha have been inseparable.
For five years the pair dated, and on a beautiful day in May, the couple made their union official on the island of Santorini.
Their families could not have been more overjoyed with the decision to have a destination wedding. Danielle admits, “They were all so ecstatic, they made a vacation out of it.” And vacation they did.
A guided tour took the group for an all day wine tasting, plus a sunset dinner cruise brought the group to a volcano and all the while, they had their professional photographer, Jefferson Todd Pals along for the ride, capturing every memorable moment.
Jefferson Pals was not the only one getting the event on film. Danielle recalls, “During our sweet, simple and intimate ceremony, many tourists were videotaping and taking photos of our vows!” With a bright sense of humor, wine flowing, and music filling the air, the couple concluded their nuptials as the sun set behind them.
In order to make it from the ceremony to the reception, the couple did something a little different. Forget the vintage Rolls Royce or horse-drawn carriage – they walked. “Our entire wedding party and guests walked together in procession through the village to the reception led by two Greek musicians. All of the locals came out of their shops, homes and restaurants to throw napkins in the air, handing me flowers; clapping and cheering as we walked through the winding path, handmade of stones,” says Danielle.
The reception took place at a local cliff-side restaurant where the owner went out of his way to comment on how much fun the group was having. Danielle recalled, “We toasted, laughed, cried, ate endlessly and danced until 2am. The view at night of the other restaurants and hotels down the cliff side with their white walls and patios lit was breathtaking.”
Planning for this Mediterranean affair was simpler than Danielle expected. “We took about a year to plan and our wedding planner, Kivotos Travel was extremely helpful,” says Danielle. They also hired Lauren Clark with San Diego Travel Group. “She gave us first hand advice and booked all of our travel, which made it very convenient to put our guests on the same flight and ensure that everyone got to the final destination as painless as possible.”
Judging by the pictures, there was no pain involved, only fun! Congrats to Lasha and Danielle and thanks for sharing your story with us.
Photography: Jefferson Todd Photography,
Reception Site: Sphinx Restaurant,
Bride’s Gown: Maggie Sottero
Groom’s Suit: Neil Allyn
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bari Jay
Groomsmen Suits: Neil Allyn
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