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Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be best known for the fact that it is the smallest state, but that does not mean that it lacks for diversity.  If fact, it is home to one of the most interesting (and upscale) locations for a destination wedding, Newport.  The rich and famous discovered this beautiful seaside community, which is dotted with mansions that overlook the ocean. 

Great cuisine, temperate climate, and plentiful resources make planning a wedding in Rhode Island a piece of cake.  Its location between Boston and New York also make it a logical, easy to access destination.

Quick Facts

  • Time Zone:  Eastern
  • Airport:  TF Green Airport
  • Weather: Since it is near the coast, Rhode Island enjoys a temperate climate, but with 4 distinct seasons. During the summer months, the temperatures are generally in the 80’s with occasional temperatures in the 90’s.   The peak season for autumn colors begins in mid September.  Precipitation falls evenly through the year with no distinct rainy season.  Freezing temperatures begin in December and last through mid-March.  

Marriage Requirements

There is no waiting period and you do not have to be a resident of Rhode Island to be married in the state.  Required documentation includes your birth certificate and social security number. If previously married, you will need to show your final divorce decree or a death certificate if you were widowed.



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