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Monday, April 4, 2022

Rising Popularity of Destination Weddings

Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of David's Bridal

Why More and More Couples Are Choosing To Wed This Way

A record number of destination weddings are slated for 2022, but what’s the reason behind the surge? A whopping 55 percent of those surveyed by David’s Bridal reported that they will be having a destination wedding instead of marrying in their hometown. 

Maggie Lord, the company’s Head of Wedding Planning and the founder of the popular wedding website Rustic Wedding Chic, gave us the skinny on the where, why and who of this growing wedding segment. 

“Due to the number of weddings happening in 2022 and 2023, couples are struggling to find available venues where they live, so by opening their searches to other locations, they’re having more luck,” explains Lord. The pandemic is another reason for people hitting the road. They’re ready to get back to normal life and travel is a big part of that. “The pent-up demand for travel due to people being forced to stay home during the pandemic is a big contributor to the increase of destination weddings,” says Lord.

When it comes to where couples are headed, the beach is no longer the default destination, according to the Instagram survey of over 2400 participants that David’s Bridal conducted. “Couples are looking towards ‘new’ destinations such as New York City, and more remote areas like Aspen or Lake Tahoe,” says Lord. 

The backstory of why the number of weddings is at an all-time high in 2022 is an all too familiar story. “It’s in part a result of all the rescheduled weddings from 2020 and 2021,” says Lord. Some are second celebrations for those who eloped and wanted a larger celebration later on. The rest are due to people who held off on getting engaged until they had a firm idea of what restrictions would or would not be in place for their celebration.

Ultimately, Lord says the idea around what a traditional destination wedding looks like has changed. “It needs to reflect who they are as a couple and the destination is a big part of that.”

Couples who are selecting a wedding away for their nuptials are not skimping on fashion formalities, according to Lord. “They want to feel like themselves on their wedding day. Even if they select a barn in Vermont, the bride may still wear a formal ballgown despite the more rustic backdrop. Brides select a dress that ultimately makes them feel beautiful.” 

David’s Bridal offers an array of styles - from plus size to pantsuits and everything in between. 

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