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Monday, August 21, 2017

A Self Tanner for Your Honeymoon

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Tan-Luxe

With all the wedding planning leading up to the big day and the honeymoon beyond, who has time to work on their tan? Thankfully, there’s a new self tanner for your honeymoon! Using self tanners can be tricky and it’s hard to get a natural-looking glow, but with Tax-Luxe’s new HYDRA-MOUSSE, you can leave those worries behind. The whipped foam formula is crystal-clear and it works to mimic your own skin tone. You’ll have a new glow about you in 4-6 hours, with hydrated skin to-boot. The product is packed ingredients that are great for your skin like Vitamins B, C and E, raspberry seed oil and naturally-derived tanning actives.

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The mousse is designed to be fast-absorbing and to deliver a natural looking tan – no sun-worshiping required. The unique, clear formula and glowing results are even said to be safe for wearing white…an important factor for destination wedding couples and honeymooners! Tan-Luxe’s HYDRA-MOUSSE is free from parabens, mineral oils, sulphates and methylisothiazolinone. Our editor in chief, who has tried spray tans and plenty of self tanners over the years, gave the product a try. Below are some of her tips and feedback:

  • · Great for someone who has done a spray tan or at-home-tan before, since it can be tricky because you can't see the product going on
  • · If the person using it has never done a spray tan before, they may want to have some apply for them so it's even
  • · Goes on nicely and spreads evenly without streaking
  • · Smell is minimal, still does have that "spray tan" scent, but only lasts for the first day
  • · Same guidelines for a regular spray tan (moisturize beforehand, don't shower for at least 4 hours after application, make sure to wash hands and wrists post application) 
  • · Good, natural color that lasts for 5-7 days
  • · Doesn't dry out skin
  • · Good price point as each bottle should provide up to seven tans, so after the first two it's paid for itself
If you’re considering trying out this product for your own destination wedding or honeymoon, be sure to try it out well in advance of the big day or trip. The HYDRA-MOUSSE by Tan-Luxe sells for $54 at both and

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