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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ouch-Proof Your Heels

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Sole Serum

By the end of your W-Day, odds are your feet are going to be more than a little sore. Even if you opted for the conservative kitten heel, all that dancing and celebrating is bound to take its toll. Have no fear, we’ve found a safe, FDA-approved solution!

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Sole Serum is a new and effective foot serum which targets those aches and pains and quickly whisks them away. The soothing serum in infused with lavender, Tea Tree oil, peppermint and a small amount of Lidocaine to ease pain quickly and without negative side effects. Some similar products can leave application sites tingling and uncomfortable, but not Sole Serum.

When those heels start to take their toll, simply apply Sole Serum to the area which hurts, wait 60 seconds for the serum to try and pain should be relived within ten minutes. The serum lasts for roughly two hours and be reapplied four times a day. A 15ml bottle retails for $29.50 and a travel size bottle retails for $9.99. Visit for more information.

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