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St. Martin/St. Maarten

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The Island is located in the Caribbean Sea, 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. French St. Martin is on the north side of the island and Dutch St. Maarten is on the south each with a different government.  The peaceful coexistence of these two nationalities adds to the uniqueness of the Island, and between the two offers hiking, golfing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing…you name it!  Those who accompany you on your getaway wedding will not be bored!

Since the wedding requirements of both sides of the Island are different and quite complicated, you may want to consider having a legal marriage ceremony at home and then a blessing ceremony on the Island.  If that is ok with you or you are willing to work through the legal and procedural challenges, this tropical setting this Island has it all.  If you picture yourselves under a gazebo with a fantasy sunset as your backdrop, in a private villa surrounded by your loved ones, on a pristine white beach or yacht surrounded by Caribbean blue water, this may be the Island paradise for you.

Quick Facts

  • Language:       Dutch is the official language of St. Maarten and French is the official language of Saint Martin, but English is spoken everywhere
  • Passport:        Yes
  • Currency:        The official currency of the Dutch side is the Netherlands Antilles florin or guilder.  The official currency of the French side is the Euro.   U.S. dollars are widely accepted on both the Dutch and the French sides.  
  • Time Zone:       Atlantic Standard Time year-round
  • Major Airports:  Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten
  • Weather:  The average temperature during the winter season is 80F.  It is slightly warmer and more humid in the summer. The average rainfall is 45 inches and you will experience occasional showers in late summer and early fall.
Marriage Requirements

It is recommended that you work with a wedding coordinator who is familiar with the requirements for being married in St. Martin or St. Maarten as they are quite extensive. This information is provided as just a general guideline and is not exhaustive. 

St. Martin:  There is a one month residency requirement (for one of the couple), which may make a legal marriage ceremony impractical for most couples.  If you do decide to be married in St. Martin, you will need to provide original birth certificates (or copy with raised seal); a certificate of good conduct (including certification of "single status"); residency cards showing that one of the couple has met the residency requirement, a medical certificate (including blood tests) issued within 3 months of marriage.  All documents must be translated into French.  

St. Maarten: Requests to be married must be submitted at the least 14 days prior to the scheduled ceremony to be conducted by the Registrar and you will need to provide the following notarized original documents:  a certified birth certificate with an "Apostille" stamp which is obtained at the Secretary of State's office from your home state, a declaration of marital status not older than 3 months, a death certificate of divorce certificate if previously married and valid passports. You must be on the island for 3 days before the ceremony. 

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