Rustic Wedding Chic

A Stylish Soirée

Rustic, DIY destination weddings have been all the rage lately with brides aspiring to throw Pinterest-worthy receptions on a chic countryside or in a rustic barn. Maggie Lord, a rustic wedding expert, has created an empire of outlets in which brides can satisfy their needs when it comes to planning the trendy, rustic wedding of their…

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DIY Driftwood Wall Décor

Quality Time

We get some pretty wild samples at the magazine. Everything from the latest subscription box to candles that smell like wedding cake arrive at our magazine headquarters on a fairly regular basis. But this one was a bit more of a commitment. Not only was it not a “wedding product” per se, it required a…

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A Giveaway Fit for a Crafty Queen

Easier Than Ever

Your destination wedding is the perfect time to embrace the DIY god or goddess within you! While not all couples have the urge to get crafty when planning their nuptials, it’s a great way to personalize your event. Thankfully, there are companies out there that are making it easier than ever to add a cool,…

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