Online Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

If shopping online is one of your favorite hobbies, then shopping for an engagement ring online may be the next best thing! Celebrity and millennial favorite jeweler, Ring Concierge, offers an affordable solution with their online-only engagement ring collection VOW by RC. We spoke with Ring Concierge founder & CEO, Nicole Wegman, to get her take on how to best…

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A Different Cut of Diamond

MIA L124-100

Your diamond engagement ring will most likely be the most important fashion statement you make in your life. Do you want something classic, modern, trendy or vintage? With trends coming and going it can be tough to set yourself apart, while picking a design that will stand the test of time. We recently came across…

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Jewelry: How to Buy Vintage

Platinum Peachtree

Wedding ring trends are constantly changing, but vintage rings or vintage-inspired pieces are always popular options. It sounds easy enough, but what’s the best way to buy a vintage piece? How do you know what you’re getting and where is the best place to shop? We asked the fine folks at Trumpet & Horn to…

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Engagement Ring Inspiration

Star Inspiration: Blake Lively

Looking to the Stars The second Kim Kardashian unveiled her stunning 15-carat engagement ring from Kanye West, women around the world were left in awe, wondering how they could slip their ring finger into a lookalike. Let’s face it – the $8 million price tag is unattainable for, well, anyone. From Jennifer Aniston’s emerald-cut stunner,…

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2015 Wedding Jewelry Trends

In the Know

The Knot recently released the results of The Knot 2015 Jewelry & Engagement Study. The third biannual comprehensive report, the largest of its kind, surveyed more than 12,000 US brides and 1,200 US grooms engaged or recently married from 2014 to early 2015. The goal was to uncover the financial spending habits and trends of proposals…

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Engagement Ring Trends for 2015

Terra Ring

The jewelry line Brilliant Earth is really bringing it for the holidays! A leader in the industry for ethically sourced bridal and fine jewelry, the line recently announced the big re-launch of its Vintage Collection. Available exclusively online, Brilliant Earth’s Vintage Collection is an extensive assortment of one-of-a-kind vintage rings. Beyond vintage looks, Brilliant Earth…

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Engagement Ring Evolution

A Classic Antique

Buying an engagement ring is perhaps one of the most stressful purchases a man will ever make, but that wasn’t always the case. The experts over at Joden World Resources, an online resource for antique, estate and modern jewelry, have weighed-in on the evolution of the engagement ring. While it’s interesting to hear how the…

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