Real Wedding at Vegas’ Caesars Palace

You never really know how much of an impact your friends will have on your life. In the case of Jennifer and Ryan, it was a mutual friend who introduced the two who would eventually fall in love. Years later, that love would bring the couple to desire a destination wedding. While brainstorming the perfect…

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8 Lucky Wedding Traditions

Luck for Your Nuptials From Around the World If you’ve spent any time planning your wedding, a few new trends might have caught your eye. Brides are always looking for ways to personalize their ceremony and reception, but traditions can make your wedding day special too. While some promise happiness and lasting love, others are…

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10 New Twists on Wedding Traditions

6. Preserving Your Wedding Dress → Selling Your Dress to Future Brides

Over the years, many wedding traditions have become classics for couples to participate in for their special day. Lately, though, there are more and more ways to put a new spin on some of these wedding customs. We’ve rounded up some ways to freshen up these traditions with 10 new twists on old favorites! 1.…

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Romantic, English Touches for W-Day

Bloomin’ Lovely

If you’ve seen any of Richard Curtis’ films (Love Actually, Notting Hill), you’ll be au fait with the traditional English wedding. We might have moved on from the Hugh Grant of the nineties, but bringing a touch of quintessentially British grandeur is easy.  Tanith Wesson, who leads the wedding team at Belvoir Castle in England,…

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Honor Guests Without a Bridal Party

Reception Signature Frame

When couples are in the midst of planning their destination wedding, one thing many of them tend to spend at least a few days on is who they want to ask to be in their wedding party. But what happens if you would prefer to have a really small ceremony or you have so many…

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