How to Optimize Your Wedding Video

friends watching video

Wedding videos can bring back sweet memories of pure joy for the rest of your marriage. You may even start a tradition of watching your wedding video on every anniversary. For a memory as important as this, all the elements of the video must be spot-on. Wondering where to start? We teamed up with Be Inspired to…

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Tips for Hiring a Videographer

Bouquet for the Day

My name is Santiago and I am a professional cinematic wedding videographer in the beautiful, Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Having been in the wedding industry for a long time, I have gathered some helpful tips on what a bride and groom should be looking for when it comes to their wedding video and finding a professional/team…

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Memories to Movies

Stars of The Show

Have you and your love ever longed to be the stars of your own romantic blockbuster? UrLife is a new website that turns your photos and videos into movie trailers, telling the story of your fondest memories. Turn your wedding clips into a trailer you can cherish for life. Creating these movie trailers is a…

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What is Videography?

Moments in Time

Hiring a videographer is still slightly up-and-coming when it comes to destination weddings, but it’s something we strongly encourage! If a picture can say a thousand words – imagine what a video can do! To help you learn a little more about videography/cinematography and the process of hiring a videographer/cinematographer, we had our friends over…

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Destination Wedding Videography

StoryMix Weddings

Can’t afford a professional videographer and looking for an easy and affordable alternative for your destination wedding? Look no further than StoryMixMedia! StoryMixMedia was started by a husband and wife team, who only after having six kids, realized that skipping the videographer at their wedding had been a huge mistake. The creators of StoryMixMedia didn’t…

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