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Revitalizing Thailand

Words by John Roark
Photos courtesy of Chiva-Som

A short-list romantic destination for its spectacular resorts, stunning beaches and welcoming culture, Thailand is also home to Chiva-Som (literally, “Haven of Life”), one of the World’s most celebrated and treasured luxury destination spas. Transform your future together with a focus on greater well-being and vitality, as you rejuvenate your minds, bodies and spirits.

Three hours south of the bustle of Bangkok, Chiva-Som specializes in retreat packages focusing on physical renewal, yoga, detox, weight management, natural healing, fitness and inner peace. Combining naturopathic and conventional disciplines, the non-regimented, holistic approach to wellness incorporates a serenity and tranquility you will feel as soon as you check in.

My Chiva-Som journey began with a health and wellness consultation. What did I want to focus on during my stay? De-stressing topped my list and I wanted to learn to generally live better and eat healthier. Much to my delight, I was ordered to do nothing strenuous for 24 hours, which gave me time to explore the resort at my leisure.

Located on seven secluded beachfront acres with garden and ocean-view rooms and suites, Chiva-Som’s spa facilities include 70 treatment rooms, a kinesis studio, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bathing pavilion, sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool. The immaculate grounds and buildings are well-tended and charming.  The resort can accommodate up to 114 guests, and although they were near capacity during my visit, I never had the sense of being crowded. It was quiet and peaceful at all times.

I returned to my pavilion for a nap. I slid open my doors overlooking a waterfall and koi pond and drifted blissfully off for a couple of hours. When I awakened, my personal schedule for the rest of my stay had been discreetly slipped under my door. Each day included recommended activities (yoga, Pilates, meditation) and actual appointments (massage, stress-release therapy, physiotherapy). Time to relax and rejuvenate, balanced with constructive therapies to help me reach my goals.

Guests at Chiva-Som enjoy retreats spanning five to 14 days (longer stays are available on request). Your retreat package includes accommodations, three spa cuisine meals per day, daily massages, personal training, nutritional counseling and unlimited use of water therapy suites.

Throughout my stay, I was enveloped in a feeling of caring and wellness. All of the spa’s personnel attend the internationally accredited Chiva-Som Academy, learning the highest standard of practical skills. They are knowledgeable, confident and genuinely invested in helping you reach your goals.

At Chiva-Som, each day is an exploration of the physical body and the inner self. The result: I have never felt so relaxed and pampered, but also empowered to return home (however reluctantly) and enjoy and appreciate each moment. 

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