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Thursday, February 6, 2020

THE Place to Marry in Mexico

Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of PhillipVN Weddings & Events

Mexico es mi amor. I’ve loved it since the first time I stepped onto its sandy beaches and sipped my first “real” margarita. What I love about this illustrious destination goes beyond the cuisine and beautiful sunsets. It has everything to do with the
culture, the people and the hospitality.

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Recently, I found myself falling in love with Mexico all over again. One of my favorite resorts for weddings in Cancun is Banyan Tree Mayakoba and when they informed me that they had opened a new event space called MK Blue, I was ecstatic. The staff and wedding department is known for exceptional service and style so my expectations were high going into the visit.

And they didn’t disappoint.

We arrived via water taxi and the space virtually took our breath away. The high pitched white palapa-style structure is offset by the deep greens of the surrounding forest and oversized wooden deck. Long drapes hang from the ceiling giving it a soft,
inviting look. The space is large, but the white billowing curtains make it feel intimate. A group of 100 or even 600 would feel comfortable here.

Our host, Carolina Moreno, Destination Weddings Manager had arranged for our group to sample every one of Banyan Tree’s restaurant's most popular dishes. Each food station offered an expertly crafted menu item showcasing that Banyan Tree
Mayakoba really does have something for everyone.

The biggest selling point at MK Blue is the noise curfew. There isn’t one. Most resorts have a nine or 10 pm noise curfew forcing groups to go indoors into a ballroom or private area. Not here. You can literally party the night away under the stars in paradise.

When it comes to décor MK Blue is simply a blank slate. You can do virtually anything you want. There is no crazy carpet to cover up or strange light fixtures to work around. The floral and décor you see in these images were created by the masterminds at Canteiro Weddings (design by Luis Bandha). As you can see, hanging arrangements, oversized furniture and pretty much any color palette works.

If you’re considering going to visit our amazing neighbors to the south – Banyan Tree Mayakoba is the place to stay and MK Blue is the place to celebrate your destination wedding.

MK BLue from Barnes Creative Studios on Vimeo.

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