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Virgin Islands Retreat

Words by Sarah Padilla
Photos courtesy of Rosewood Little Dix Bay

If you’re like most brides, there’s a good chance you’ve invested more than a few hours at the gym getting your pre-wedding workout on. Wondering how to keep the momentum going once the festivities get underway? You’re not alone.

Believe it or not, it is possible to pull off a destination wedding or honeymoon without packing on the pounds.

In response to a rise in “wellness tourism,” a growing number of resorts are introducing services and packages which cater to clientele who want to combine their love of travel and adventure with their desire to satisfy the mind, body and spirit.

Rosewood Little Dix Bay, located on Virgin Gorda in the pristine British Virgin Islands, began offering a variety of wellness retreats in 2011. “The Wellness Retreats provide all our guests, regardless of fitness level, with the opportunity to feel completely renewed while reconnecting with nature,” said Duncan Hogarth, General Manager. “The beautiful surroundings here are the perfect backdrop to inspire guests to be healthy and active.”

Little Dix Bay guests can book one of several wellness-inspired packages each year. A yoga retreat offers multiple classes a day for varying levels and a fitness immersion retreat promises to rev-up metabolism and work out stress-related kinks through unique kettlebell conditioning sessions and self-massage techniques. Both include a visit to Sense, the resort’s cliff-side spa.   

“I think the best getaways are the ones where you return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated,” says Frank Baptiste, owner of Frankly Fitness in New York City and facilitator of the fitness immersion package. “Therapeutic spa treatments can do wonders and integrating a mobility component completes the holistic wellness approach.”

If a full-blown wellness retreat isn’t in your budget, as all-inclusive packages can get pricey, there are other ways to keep the love handles at bay. Take advantage of free local amenities like water sports, swimming, tennis or hiking. Or, explore your surroundings by foot or bike instead of by car.

Keep in mind, though, wellness is ultimately about balance. So, if you’d rather snuggle under the covers with your sweetie, do just that. After all, when it comes to newlyweds, sometimes staying in is the best workout of all.

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