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Monday, May 11, 2015

Bridal Bouquet Flower Trends

Words by Courtney Kellar

Finding the right vendors can be one of the more stressful aspects of planning a destination wedding. When it comes to finding your dream florist, we have a new resource you should keep in mind! is an online directory which helps you find florists, studio designers and flower farmers who are committed to using American-grown flowers. To help in your own floral design, founder and flower expert, Debra Prinzing is sharing the current trends she’s seeing in bridal florals.

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Cascading bouquets have returned. We haven't seen them much since the 1990s, when bridal bouquets were highly-engineered affairs, with every single rose stem or calla lily wired into a sculptural structure (wired and therefore stiff) with one drop-to-the-floor element. Now emerging: a highly-textured, lushly-gathered collection of garden flowers with a softly cascading tumble of vines and tendrils. Think unstructured, voluminous and romantic, as if the bride has walked through a meadow and filled her arms with flowers. 

"We consistently find that brides covet the lush, loose look of natural garden flowers with interesting textural elements and slightly cascading finishing accents such as tendrils of clematis or sweet pea vine. We are also seeing a steady shift in interest away from blush tones and more toward more vivid, vibrant shades and jewel tones." ~ Susan Studer King, Buckeye Blooms (Lima, Ohio), florist

Ribbons are being added as fashion. Bouquet stems have long been ribbon-wrapped, often with the cut ends tucked or folded and secured with a pearl-headed pin. Now emerging: silks, taffetas, failles and velvets – all in beautiful strips of shimmering color trailing from the wrapped or unwrapped stem. It's the details that add a luxe finish to a lovely bouquet with French ribbons a top choice for floral designers and brides alike. Think: choosing your ribbon palette is as important as choosing the bridal gown, shoes and flowers.

"The trailing ribbon adds drama to the bouquet. It's just another way to personalize for each bride. Silk and Willow makes some beautiful plant dyed ribbons we have recently fallen in love with." ~ Gretel Adams, Sunny Meadows Flower Farm (Columbus, Ohio), florist

Bright pastels & saturated jewel tones are trending. Paler floral palettes have populated wedding bouquets and driven demand for flowers like the blush-toned Café au Lait dahlias. Next season, color palettes promise to be richer and more vivid, reflecting a deeper saturation of petal color. Watermelon pink, orchid purple, cerise red – these sun-drenched hues are wooing brides who want a more vibrant flower to hold and wear. There’s a gradual departure from an all-neutral bridal bouquet. Blush hasn’t left completely, but she’s sharing the stage with brighter hues.

"Bright pinks, purples, magentas and 'high contrast' is something brides are asking for.  Fuchsia, purple, gold and yellow are combined with greens and lots of variety in centerpiece containers, as well." ~ Thea Folls, Folls Flower Farm (Owasco, New York), florist

Fantasy and novelty weddings with style. Your wedding day is your one big chance to reflect who you are as individuals and a couple, right? So why not give your guests a totally personalized expression of YOU – forget the cookie-cutter, Pinterest-dictated ceremony, attire, food or flowers. Make every choice a statement of your attitudes, preferences and lifestyle. No gimmicks, just a customized fete!

"A majority of my brides in the last six months have asked specifically for the 'Foraged Wildflower Look.' They mention using local and seasonal flowers with lots of branches and greens." ~ Lori Eschler Frystak, Blossom Alliance (Los Angeles, California), florist

For more information on sourcing American-grown flowers for your destination wedding, visit

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Jess Roy Photography, Tanja Lippert Photography, Jenny Haas Photography (3rd & 4th), Christa Kimble Photography, Michelle Lyerly Photography, Shane Macomber Photography & Libby Lewis Photography.

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