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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wedding or Honeymoon Rentals

Words by Courtney Kellar
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Whether planning for your destination wedding or honeymoon, explore options outside of a traditional hotel. For weddings, renting out a large home or beach house is growing in popularity and can be a great way to create a sense of mini-community for your wedding away. For your honeymoon, renting a short-term apartment or condo could be the perfect way to completely immerse yourself in your destination’s culture. There are lots of sites out there which offer short-term rentals on private spaces, but there’s one we just learned about.

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WorldEscape was founded in 2005, and just relaunched at the end of 2014. They offer short-term rentals for couples or special events all over the world and could be a great alternative to a traditional hotel stay. The site offers affordable and full furnished apartments, villas, timeshares, cottages and even houseboats. The site has accomodations to suit a room-for-one or house-for-twelve. Examples include New York lofts steps from Times Square, villas in the suburbs of Rome and London apartments with Hyde Park views.

So, what makes WorldEscape different from other, similar sites like Airbnb? According to WorldEscape, it’s their customer service and customer support which makes them different. Every listing on WorldEscape’s site has been visited and vetted by a member of their staff. This is meant to ensure that what you see online is, in fact, what you’ll find in person. Also, the site offers 24-hour support, hotel-grade cleaning, luggage storage and transport to and from the airport.

For more information on WorldEscape or to look into what they have to offer in terms of destination wedding or honeymoon rentals world-wide, visit

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