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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Modern Wedding Registry

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of ZOLA

With couples busy planning their dream destination wedding or honeymoon, registering often becomes more of a hassle than a joy. Thankfully, online registries are perfect for the modern couple who is tight on time, doesn’t want to limit themselves to individual stores or are possibly living apart. ZOLA is one such online registry and is unique in the sense that they not only offer high-end, traditional items for your registry, but also more unique items and even experiences.

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You and your soon-to-be spouse can register for that KitchenAid mixer you’ve always wanted, but also a custom bicycle and museum memberships. You can also mark certain items on your registry as ideal for group gifting and allow your guests to contribute a dollar amount toward that piece of artwork or snorkeling honeymoon excursion. Other unique items to register for include interior design consultations, Apple TV, plated food delivery and much more.

Another major perk of ZOLA is that the site allows your registry to be completely customizable. Create your own URL, import your own photos and add stories and anecdotes to explain your choices and preferences. The sites are modern and streamlined, also making them easy to navigate. ZOLA also notifies you when items are purchased and gives you the option to have the item(s) shipped right away, or delayed for your convenience. The site also tracks who bought what – making those dreaded post-wedding “Thank You” notes that much easier!

ZOLA currently has roughly 1,000 registry items for you to search, but if you can’t find a must-have item, it is possible to add items from other websites onto your ZOLA wedding registry. Another unique feature is that the site offers “Starter Collections” which sorts items into different categories. Thus making it easy for you to register for your dream kitchen or any other specific need or passion. To view other couples’ “featured registries” or to begin shopping for your own wedding registry, visit

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