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The Guest Book: Favor ideas - The Zulu Love Letter

Words by Jennifer Stein
If you are looking for a truly unique favor for your wedding guests that will also support a wonderful charity, you might consider ordering Zulu love letters. These colorful beadwork pieces were traditionally used by the Zulu women of South Africa to communicate messages of love to their men. Each colored bead in the pattern has a different significance. A red bead denotes tears and longing, a white bead respresents love and purity and a blue bead symboizes faithfulness. The beads are sewn together in such a way that the recipient knows exactly what the message is.

These unique beaded favors are handmade by women in Mafikeng, South Africa as part of a povertly alleviation project run by Helping Hands of Africa.

If you are interested in ordering some for your destination wedding send us an email:
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