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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Destination Wedding Travel Tips: An Expert Weighs-In

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox& David Beahm
Photo courtesy of David Beahm

Whether you host your destination wedding 1,000 miles away or on the other side of the Earth, some travel is going to be involved. While there's no doubt your destination will be everything you want and more, getting there can sometimes be tough. To help you and your guests along the way, we asked International Event Planner, David Beahm, to weigh-in on his tips and tricks for taking the tricky out of travel.

Over three million people travel internationally per day in the U.S. alone and travelers are always looking for tips and tricks on how to make their voyage easier. Having traveled the world to discover new hot-spots, here are some tricks I’ve learned along the way to make any adventure – domestic or international – a breeze.

Before you leave:
- Most people over-pack. To make your trip easier and lighter, pull everything out you want to take with you and then put half of it away. This will lighten your load significantly and help you move much faster.  And I promise you will not miss it!
- Also, when packing, try to have all of your clothes fit into one color scheme, like white and navy or neutrals.  This will help you edit out the hot pink shoes that you can only wear with the hot pink frock!

Must haves:
- For long flights, make sure to bring a little aromatherapy (I prefer Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which is carried in most health stores). Peppermint is a great headache and stress reliever and lavender will help you to rest mid-flight. Equally important is that neither fragrance is potent enough to bother your fellow travelers. I also recommend Evian Mineral Water Spray, which will keep you hydrated and looking fresh from the moment you step off the plane.
- Bring a scented candle, like the Henri Bendel Travel Candles. If you travel a lot, it is very easy to get homesick so pick a scent that reminds you of home. The added bonus? It will help clear out any musty room and make your nights that much more peaceful.  But, as the son of a fireman, be careful you don’t leave it burning! 

In the airport:
- With airlines losing 3,000 bags per hour and baggage claim moving slower than ever, it is actually worth the money to FedEx luggage. You can insure your belongings, track your bags and everything will be waiting for you when you arrive. This also means when “checking in” you have “carry on” status and get to skip the long wait!
- Get a Global Access Pass. These things are amazing and let you step around everyone in customs. It is, quite possibly, the best thing I’ve ever done!  You just scan your fingerprint and eye and waltz on through. Especially if you’ve FedEx’d your luggage, this pass can get you off the plane and through the airport in under ten minutes.

These are my must-do’s no matter where I am going. The most important lesson I have learned is to let things go. Unexpected situations will come up on any adventure, make sure you don’t let it stress you out too much. Break out your aromatherapy, take a deep breath and continue on to your destination.

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