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Monday, February 17, 2020

5 Tips For Planning Bahamas Wedding

Words by Jennifer Stein

An Expert Wedding Planner Weighs In

A destination wedding in the Bahamas conjures up visions of sparkling aqua waters crashing on white-sand beaches while a subtle ocean breeze rustles the palm fronds as you say “I do” in paradise. Sounds pretty incredible to me! But when it comes to marrying in this Caribbean respite, we thought it might be wise to go to an expert in the area and a wedding planner who knows a thing or two about weddings in this stunning setting.

Marva Munroe, founder and director of Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events has been creating luxury events for over 16 years and is an award-winning wedding planning expert. She specializes in weddings in the Bahamas, so who better to weigh in on these tips? 

What makes the Bahamas so great for a destination wedding?

The stunning beauty and warm weather are the obvious answers, but the Bahamas offers couples so much more! The ease of travel is a major factor for our couples – we’re close to the Florida coastline and you can fly direct to the Bahamas from a number of cities across the United States. The marriage requirements are simple and the variety of wedding locations is plentiful. Not to mention the warm and friendly Bahamian people - they’re the heart and soul of this beautiful place!

Are there a lot of talented wedding vendors available in the Bahamas or do I need to bring them in?

We work with an extraordinary roster of local talent, from hair & makeup artists to world-class photographers. Once we have a better idea of what our couples are looking for, we provide them with our tailored recommendations. In addition to local companies, we have also had the pleasure of partnering with destination vendors who always take very good care of our couples. 

What are the best times to travel to the Bahamas for a destination wedding?

On average, January is the coolest month and July the warmest. Couples should be advised of the risk when planning a wedding during hurricane season, but we have done plenty of weddings in this timeframe with no trouble at all. Savings wise, couples and their guests can save money in the offseason - May through mid-December when resort room rates are less. Food and beverage pricing remains the same.

What is the best way to choose a venue in the Bahamas?

So many factors come into play when choosing a venue. How many guests will attend? Are you looking for an outdoor ceremony and reception on the beach? In a lush garden setting? Or in a luxury ballroom? We accompany our couples on-site visits at some of the very best boutique properties and five-star resorts in the Bahamas. 

How can a couple ensure a low-level of stress when planning a wedding far from home in a destination like the Bahamas?

We know the Bahamas so well because we live and work here! Our couples appreciate our keen eye for detail and unparalleled knowledge of the islands. We regularly work with clients from all over the world to ensure we exceed their expectations. Many of our brides walk away from the experience asking, “can we do it again?!?!” 

For more on Marva Monroe and Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events, click HERE.

Photo credits: The Junkanoo dancer: Lyndah Wells; Ceremony arch and photos of Marva: Caroline Lima; Bride with Bridesmaids: Hunter Berry

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