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Words by Jennifer Stein



JENNIFER STEIN — Editor in Chief / Publisher / Owner

Co-founder of Destination Media, LLC, Jennifer Stein helped start Destination I Do in 2004 out of her own desire to have a wedding away from home and discovering there weren't any magazines covering the subject. Her background in publishing and her passion in weddings and travel, created the perfect synergy to start a product like DID. During her time building Destination I Do, she's watched it grow from a small, home-grown product to a title couples know the minute they start planning their destination weddings or honeymoons.


As co-founder and owner, Carolyn has a resume unlike any other. From her background as an entrepreneur to her education as a counselor and educator, she has a myriad of different talents. She brings her wisdom, insights and dedication to the table each and every day. You'll find her traveling to far flung destinations in search of the perfect story angle and popping in to the Destination I Do headquarters when time permits. Having started four different businesses in her career, she's only just getting warmed up.


Courtney has the type of job people only dream of. She gets to travel the world and write about her adventures. Straight out of college she started at Destination Media as an intern and quickly won the respect of the team and, more importantly, the job. You'll see her as the voice to DID's blog and the person who works like a champion to take the print and online products to another level.

GORDON STEERE — Chief Operating Officer

With more than 25 years experience working at a Fortune500 company, Gordon provides the DID team his seasoned knowledge and expertise in working through any challenge imaginable. Accompanying our CEO on many adventures in the name of "editorial research," you'll find Gordon's byline on more than a few articles. Providing counsel to the owners of Destination Media, you'll most definitely see his mark on the company's mission and values.

MIKE WALKER — National Advertising Director

Representing Destination I Do for over twelve years, Mike Walker has fostered partnerships with major national organizations such as Disney and American Airlines. He's an honest hard worker based in California with his beautiful family and is the President of RW Walker – a family-owned publisher's rep firm established in 1936.

SNOOP DOGG — Master of Snuggles

This canine believes she is a lap dog even though she weighs in at over 50 pounds. She is known for her "Puss-in-Boots" signature expression, complete with over-sized watery eyes and pulled back ears, resulting in getting her way on more than one occasion. Her favorite activities are snuggling and playing with her little brother, Noah, and little sister, Rylie.

KYLIE BELLE — Head Gamer

Kylie is a spirited pointer-mix who loves a good kitty chase or a game of tug-of-war. She is a master at the "flying French kiss," so be forewarned when she sprints at you with her tongue out, ready for a lick. She says "thank you" after every meal and greets her master (Jennifer) with a smile every day.

ARNIE — Social Development Expert

This social butterfly is known for his epic mingling skills and bossy attitude. His doppelganger is a cross between Rod Stewart and an ewok, therefore his adorable mug gets him more than his fair share of treats. He works from home most of the time, but will make his way into the office every now and then for some much needed face-time.

MORGAN — Office Greeter

Our "Welcome Wagon," Morgan, was raised as a service dog. She will greet you when you walk into the building and may even escort you to the proper office before returning to her post. She is wonderful with children and has a gentle spirit and kind soul.

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