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Friday, January 19, 2018

A Playa Mujeres Destination Wedding

Words by Sedona Rose
Photos courtesy of Elevate Photography

Jamie and Andrew got engaged and immediately began planning their special day and settled on a Playa Mujeres destination wedding. Jamie says, “We have lived in so many wonderful places and getting married in a unique destination allows for everyone to make a vacation out of our wedding.” Thus, the planning began! 

After choosing Excellence Resort Playa Mujeres, a venue the couple had visited the year before and fell in love with, as the place to host their destination wedding, it was time to tell their friends and family the news. Jamie reports, “No negative reactions. More so a challenge of time and financial commitment. However, once you’re on a beach with a cocktail, you care about very little.”

With the help of Maribel Sanchez of the Excellence Resort Playa Mujeres, the couple was able to kick back and make a vacation out of their wedding. The couple even had time to make do-it-yourself party bags and Jamie admits that planning a destination wedding was, “Delightful. It allowed for the freedom of trusting our guests to be entertained by the sunshine, beach and cocktails. There was less pressure to fill their time.”

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So why a destination wedding? Each couple has their reasons. For Jamie and Andrew, it was all about the ease and experience. Jamie says, “We don’t identify one place as home, so I think any other place would have felt like a challenge to make sure all guests felt taken care of. This resort and location allowed for multiple days with our guests. Time was not pressured.”

 While destination weddings seem like a dream come true, can they be affordable? Of course! Jamie and Andrew say they spent less, and even had room in the budget for a five-star resort.

The couple has a few tips for anyone looking to plan their special day away:

  • Go with the flow. Save money by hiring a wedding planner through the resort. Some resorts charge more to have planners from outside the resort.
  • Pinterest for the win! Learn a lot about do-it-yourself projects and get ideas for your special day.
  • Use the beach or venue to your advantage! Let people make a vacation out of the wedding and just have fun.
  • Take these words of wisdom from Jamie, “On the day, nothing else matters but the person next to you. Don’t stress. Smile, laugh and dance.”
Vendors: Photographer: Elevate PhotographyWedding Location, Florist & Cake: Excellence Resort Playa Mujeres, Wedding Planner: Maribel Sanchez, Gown Designer: Galia Lahav, Groom’s Clothing Designer: Suit Supply, Bridesmaids/Groomsmen’s Clothing Designer: Ted Baker

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