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Paris Destination Wedding Resources


September 10, 2018
Words by Kimber Westphall
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It’s day one of our Destination: Paris week and we’re swooning over all the thoughts of French escapes and beautiful brides. Whether you’re planning your dream Parisian wedding, honeymoon or other French getaway, we will help you navigate through logistics that may arise leading up to your trip. Today’s Destination: X post is devoted to the inside scoop you’ll need to plan your Parisian paradise escape.

Below, you’ll find important resources that will help you put your plan in place. Including where to stay and any paperwork needed to plan a French wedding ceremony. We’ve got you covered. You’ll also find an assortment of previous Destination I Do articles from our own site that are dedicated to Paris and/or France honeymoons and weddings.

For those of you wanting a smooth planning process and wedding day, we’re also sharing 10 wedding faux pas to avoid. The phrase has French origins, so consider it bonus advice!

Paris Wedding Resources

Get all of the planning, paperwork and logistics squared away now. You’ll be so glad you did. The biggest decision you’ll face when landing in France is which crepe to enjoy first: savory or sweet.

It can be hard to know where to start, so we’re helping by sharing must-visit websites and resources for couples considering Paris for a romantic rendezvous. Perhaps one of the most romantic spots in the world, this is a popular destination for a matrimonial celebrations. One of the first steps before getting knee-deep in flowers, dress shopping and cake tasting is to fill out the appropriate paperwork. And be sure that your passports are up-to-date and not nearing expiration. It’s a good idea to have a “before you go” checklist for your guests, perhaps even accompanying a Save the Date or invite, so they can ensure their travel documents are squared away as well. They will notice and appreciate the extra step in wanting the travel plans for everyone involved to go smoothly. Bon voyage!

Plan Your Visit to Paris

Where to Stay

Maps and Neighborhoods in Paris

How to Get There

Required Documents for Marriage in France

Paris Planning Tools & Practical Information 

Discover Paris

What to See and Do in Paris

Destination I Do Articles and Advice for France

Here at DID, we don’t include any destination or property in our magazine that someone from our team hasn’t personally visited. Below, please find past articles and reviews from our team about various France wedding destinations.

Together Forever in Paris

Wine Regions: Germany & France

Paris: Now and Forever

Top 10 Wedding Faux Pas

Words by Elaine Hilbelink 


1.   I’ve already written lots of thank you notes for my bridal shower. Do I need to write my destination wedding guests a thank you note if they don’t give us a gift?

Expressing gratitude in a written form is always appropriate. Whether a gift was received or not, you can express how much you appreciate your friends and family taking time from their jobs to travel and share your special day with you. Writing a note is the gracious thing to do.

2.   My fiancé and I have already maxed-out our budget with our destination wedding ceremony and reception. Is it okay if we don’t provide any welcome amenities or pre-wedding events for our guests? 

Making your guests feel welcomed at your venue does not have to be a costly endeavor. Guests might find a ‘goodie bag’ in their hotel room with homemade cookies, water, granola bars, candy and a printed list of what to see and do in the area. Use your imagination and creativity to make your friends and family feel welcome and to create opportunities for them to informally gather.  Being together is what is important! 

3.   I considered registering for my wedding, but my fiancé and I have been living together for years. We really don’t need any of the traditional registry items. Is it okay to request money from any guests who ask what we want?

There are many non-traditional registries available that you might explore if you don’t need the typical household items. It is never appropriate to put any registry or gift ‘requests’ on the printed wedding invitation. If people verbally inquire, you might share your preferences. It would be a social snafu to put in print anywhere, “We have everything, we just want money!”

4.   One of my bridesmaids really can’t afford her flight to attend my wedding. Is it acceptable for me to help her out if I’m not paying for the rest of my wedding party’s travel?

It is never appropriate to help one attendant in your wedding party if you are not helping all of them in a like manner. Word will travel between your friends and you will risk offending all of your other attendants. If someone is asked to be part of your wedding party and they know they will not be able to afford the expense of the clothing, the parties, the gifts and the travel, they should decline the honor.  Weddings have become more and more expensive for all of the stakeholders and sometimes choices need to be made.

5.   Our parents are helping us pay for our destination wedding, but they’re also very opinionated about how we spend the money. We want to determine our own priorities and budget, but they’re pushing back. What’s the correct way to handle this?

Communication at the onset of planning an event is always a wise decision, so the money being contributed by families and the wedding couple can be determined. Many times parents are happy to say, “Here is your budget and do with it what you wish.” If you are already in the throes of planning, calm communication is still the sensible route to take. Find out how much they wish to contribute and what their priorities are. Determine what your contribution is, prioritize what is important to you and your fiancé and plan accordingly.


6.   I’m attending a destination wedding in Mexico and I’m planning my attire. Since it’s a beach wedding and a bit more casual, is it okay to wear white?

With all of the colors in the rainbow to choose from, why would you want to choose white and potentially conflict with the bride? If you feel you must choose white, make sure you accessorize with plenty of color. 

7.   I recently RSVP’d for a destination wedding later this year and the invitation didn’t mention a plus one. Since I’m traveling to be there, I think I should be allowed to bring a guest. Is this acceptable?

If a plus one is not mentioned on the invitation, you should not assume it is acceptable to bring a guest just because you are traveling. Typically a plus one guest is included on the invitation if you are engaged or in a significant relationship.

8.   I’ve attended several weddings recently that are “phone-free,” why is this? I’d like to take photos with my phone to commemorate the day and post them to social media, but don’t want to upset the couple. I’m probably not going to get photos of the wedding otherwise. What’s proper protocol if the couple says “no phones?

If the couple says “no phones,” then you should respect their wishes. Couples may not want their special event broadcast on social media. You need to honor their request for privacy. It can be very distracting in a ceremony to have many people playing photographer, both to the couple and to other guests. Also, the hired photographer probably would not appreciate having guests interrupting or getting in the way of a photo op. After the wedding, the couple may post their own pictures and then you can access what they have shared. 

9.   My husband and I recently got invited to the destination wedding of one of our closest friends, but the invitation says “adults only.” I don’t think it’s fair for our friends to expect us to leave our kids at home. What is proper etiquette when it comes to kids?

If the invitation says ‘adults only,’ then it is not a venue or an event that is conducive to children and you should adhere to the wishes of your hosts. If the destination wedding is being held in a locale that you would like to combine with a family vacation, then you may bring your children and provide your own childcare during all of the events that are ‘adult only.’ It would be a definite faux pas to bring your children along and expect them to attend.

10.   I recently got an invitation to a “dry” wedding. The couple’s parents are very conservative, so they’ve opted not to have a cocktail hour or bar at the reception. As a guest, is there any way around this?

It is respectful to honor the wishes of your hosts. Arriving sloshed from a pre-party, smuggling alcohol into the event or dashing back and forth to a nearby bar might all be construed as rude and inappropriate…a definite faux pas! If you choose to attend, try to enjoy a few alcohol-free hours.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Mandarin Oriental Paris (1st), Pierre Monetta – Hôtel Plaza Athénée (2nd), Shangri-La Hotel, Paris (3rd) & Sofitel Arc de Triomphe (4th).

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