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Ecuador for Your Destination Wedding


May 13, 2014
Words by Terrasenses
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Bahamas, Mexico, Turks and Caicos…destination beach weddings are very popular, and couples who go this route might have the difficult task of choosing which gorgeous part of the world to say their “I Do’s.” But there’s one country that is amazingly gorgeous that you may have not considered before: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador is a small country in South America that sits on the equator and has a tropical climate along the coast and a mild climate in the mountain areas. The language is predominately Spanish and the currency is the US Dollar, so there are no confusing cost conversions to deal with when budgeting for your wedding. Ecuador is also the home to the enchanted Galapagos Islands, famous for giant turtles, Charles Darwin and beautiful unique weddings.

For the last five years, Terrasenses and Etica Events have created luxury, intimate and eco-friendly destination weddings in Ecuador for couples seeking something a little different and adventurous. They take on a limited number of weddings every year so every event gets their full attention. They strive to create an event that is unique and personal to each couple. Your wedding is a-la-carte designed and it includes everything you need for your big day, including your hotel stay, ceremony and reception venues, photography, food, cake, hair and makeup, and decor.  Plus, we love Terrasenses and Etica Events for their commitment to the environment.  Everything about your wedding is locally sourced in Ecuador – from the food to the flowers – and with certain locations you can even plant a tree in your name!

There are several wedding locations available, from the beach to the cloud forest, to the Andes Mountains and to the amazingly beautiful Galapagos Islands. Choosing a wedding or honeymoon in Ecuador is the easy part – the hard part is deciding which location.

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Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): JuanK Paredes Photography, José Luis Agualongo – Terrasenses (2nd & 4th) & Smirno.


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