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Unexpected Places to Say “I do”: Quebec


August 31, 2023
Words by Lauren Ertl
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Amidst the backdrop of Europe securing its spot as the top travel destination for 2023, wanderlust-driven explorers are more eager than ever to venture abroad. While Europe’s allure remains unparalleled, there’s a growing concern about the surge in tourism, pushing some destinations to their limits. With congested attractions, soaring airfares, and scarce accommodations becoming more prevalent, a refreshing alternative awaits those seeking a comparable experience coupled with convenience and authenticity. The solution lies in the enchanting province of Québec, Canada.

Often likened to a sojourn to France without the transatlantic flight, Québec offers a distinctive tapestry of unparalleled encounters. A symphony of flavors awaits in its culinary offerings, complemented by a rich historical tapestry and internationally acclaimed festivals. The spirit of “joie de vivre,” vibrant accents, captivating architecture, and the warm embrace of Québécois culture, reminiscent of its days as New France, remain integral to the experience.

(The Museum of Fine Arts of Québec exterior captured by Diego Delso)

Group Galavants

For a destination wedding group seeking to explore the cultural and scenic treasures of Quebec, several captivating attractions beckon. The temperate climate provides an ideal setting for traversing the awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes, delving into national treasures like Gaspésie National Park. Indulge some of the best seafood Québec has to offer along the St. Lawrence River, lined with colorful foliage, and after enjoy whale viewing along the Whale Route.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Québec, just a stone’s throw away from Old Québec, offers an ideal blend of artistic grandeur and historical charm. Private tours of its exquisite exhibitions provide an intimate and enchanting experience, allowing the wedding party to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the region.


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Quintessential Québec Venues

Port of Montreal, nestled in the heart of Old Montréal, presents an alluring blend of maritime heritage and urban vibrancy. Its cobbled streets and historical architecture create a captivating backdrop for pre-wedding festivities, while the port’s dynamic atmosphere infuses the celebration with an essence of adventure and exploration.

For those seeking a more exclusive ambiance, the Forest and Stream Club emerges as a hidden gem. Just 20 minutes away from Montreal’s bustling city center, this private club, founded in 1884, exudes timeless elegance and offers a tranquil escape. The fact that the general director and the president of the board of trustees are women adds an inspiring layer of empowerment to the venue, making it an ideal choice for a modern and inclusive destination wedding.

The charm of Le Pont Couvert in La Conception is irresistible. This covered bridge, located a mere 10 minutes from Mont-Tremblant in the picturesque Laurentians, encapsulates the rustic beauty of the countryside. Its quaint and romantic atmosphere sets the stage for idyllic photo sessions and intimate moments against the backdrop of nature’s splendor.

For a touch of awe-inspiring natural grandeur, Le Belvédère in Wakefield, Outaouais, is a mere 30-minute journey from Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, this location offers panoramic vistas that epitomize the majestic beauty of the Canadian outdoors. It provides an extraordinary opportunity to weave the magnificence of nature into the fabric of a joyous wedding celebration.

Lastly, the Manège militaire stands as a testament to Canada’s history and a beacon of national pride. Being the only military building in the country recognized as a national historic site, it brings a sense of gravitas and reverence to any event. Its rich history and architectural significance create an atmosphere of dignified elegance, making it a venue choice that resonates with a profound appreciation for heritage and tradition.


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Abundant Accommodations

Additionally, this season ushers in the prime occasion to meander through bustling urban hubs and luxuriate in the offerings of city-centered lodgings, including Hotel Vogue, Honeyrose Hotel, and Hotel Warwick Le Crystal.

For more novel stays, Quebec boasts two remarkable hotels that captivate visitors with their unique charm. The iconic Chateau Frontenac, often referred to as the Frontenac Castle, stands as a symbol of elegance and history overlooking the stunning cityscape. Its regal architecture and luxurious accommodations make it a timeless destination for travelers seeking a blend of modern comforts and old-world grandeur.

In stark contrast, the Hotel de Glace offers an entirely different, yet equally enchanting, experience. As the sole ice hotel in North America, it emerges each winter as a marvel of architectural ingenuity and craftsmanship. Carved entirely from ice and snow, this ephemeral masterpiece provides guests with an otherworldly sojourn in a realm of ice sculptures, frozen walls, and crystalline beauty.

A swift journey from major urban centers such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, provides the dual advantage of proximity and reduced environmental impact. Conscious travelers have the option to responsibly traverse to Québec by opting for an hour-long scenic train ride or embracing electric car rentals, thus curbing plane emission costs.

In essence, while Europe retains its magnetic appeal, Québec emerges as an alluring haven for those in search of a parallel experience marked by authenticity and accessibility.

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