10 Tips to Plan a Bachelorette Party


January 3, 2020
Words by Charlie Howes
Photos courtesy of Unsplash

The bachelorette party, what is a bride’s dream can be a huge stress for bridesmaids. The concept has to be unique, affordable, suit a dozen different tastes, and of course, make the bride feel like a star. It is a growing trend now that many bachelorette parties take place abroad but don’t feel like that is a necessity (especially because the wedding is a destination event) – your planned party needs to get everyone together to celebrate the lifetime of happiness the bride is about to enter into. Well, thank us later, dear bridesmaids, because you can be the girl that takes the cake and throws the best bachelorette party of all time. The experts at Nude Life (a company based in the UK) have shared their ten bachelorette party tips that every great bridesmaid needs to know, and they don’t hold back.


1) Pick a date, and pick it fast.

Give guests the opportunity to plan ahead by sending out invites four weeks before the party. There is nothing worse than half of the planned party not being available because you didn’t give them enough notice.

2) Know your audience.

Unfortunately, not every bachelorette party can be filled with bad choices. Get together with the bride and do a quick run over on who is being invited. Are all of the guests drinkers? If not, be prepared to offer activities that involve everyone so no one feels excluded from the team.

3) Create a small buffet.

Let’s be real. Women like food. Women love food. Make sure that throughout the party there are snacks readily available between meals and that you have a clear schedule of when guests can expect to eat.

4) Teamwork makes the dream work.

This is a big task, no one said it would be easy. That’s why it’s definitely okay to call on the other bridesmaids for help. Create a group chat to make communication easy and to make sure no one feels left out. Designate roles so that everyone feels responsible and can be held accountable – you would be surprised how effective brainstorming sessions are.

5) Consider breaking up your day up with an interesting activity.

Remember to know your audience before choosing this activity. If, they are a crowd open to different experiences, life drawing is a unique activity that can get everyone involved. It’s spicy and hot, but more importantly, it breaks up the day and slows down the pace. It gives a chance to sit back, laugh and bond with the other women all while getting your creative side on. 

6) Think of the theme.

Decide early if your bride is a theme girl. Does she appreciate a perfectly matched table setting? Themes can be great at creating a unified weekend, but they can also be limiting and sometimes cringeworthy. It is best to consult the bride on this one.

7) Get dancing, of course!

Nothing is worse than an awkward silence. Have music readily available at all times with a bachelorette party playlist. Ask guests to RSVP with their favorite song and include it on the playlist so that all tastes are covered.

8) Create a signature cocktail with the bride’s name.

This is a fun way to make the bride feel special and set the mood early. Greet guests with the special drink as soon as they walk in the door. “Can I have a Jessica please?” The bride will feel extra special hearing her name all night long, and if the drink is tasty, she may recreate it for years to come.

9) Recreate a popular game.

Rather than play some boring, “guess who bought these panties” game, spice up the party by firing up your guest’s competitive side. How about some bachelorette party Jeopardy, boozy Twister, a scavenger hunt or the ever so dirty, Cards Against Humanity. These are great ways to break the ice!

10) Give a treat to take home.

We made it! While everyone was happy to celebrate the bride-to-be, they probably don’t want to leave empty-handed. Especially if the bachelorette party was a bit pricey. Make your guests feel appreciated by offering a small goody bag or token. From hangover kits to personalized coffee mugs, something small will go a long way!

Photos courtesy of the following Unsplash contributors (in order of appearance): Amy Shamblen (1st); Zoriana Stakhniv (2nd); Jennifer Pallian (3rd)

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