4 Essentials For Your Next Wedding


August 24, 2021
Words by Jessie Allen
Photos courtesy of Canva

Wedding season is well underway as we cross the midway point of August. From decked-out barns and country escape ceremonies, to warm sand and cool ocean breezes at sunset, each wedding is a party and celebration like none other. While you may have attended several weddings and maybe a destination wedding already, it’s helpful to stay prepared at all times. So, what are a few items you can’t go without? We’ve got you covered. Read along and we’ll make sure you’re bringing the top wedding essentials on your next weekend away. 

Start Self-Care in Advance 

Laying the groundwork for personal care should also begin before the wedding, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to be ready for the occasion. This can mean honing in on that skincare routine a few weeks in advance or getting a haircut the week of to look sharp. If you’re worried about your hair and you know you have an event coming up on the calendar, you should start exploring hair growth products ahead of time that can help promote lush hair growth and boost your confidence. No routine is an overnight fix, so the earlier you can start preparing, the better off you are down the road to look and feel your best. Weddings are a time to dress to the nines and feel great, so don’t neglect personal care and give yourself ample time to prepare. 

Pack Your Personal Care Essentials 

Oftentimes we are so worried about making sure we have all of our big items packed that we forget about the smaller ones. For instance, how many times have you forgotten a phone charger? Packing personal care items should always be #1 on your list of wedding essentials. From bringing along your favorite skincare moisturizer to your trusty shampoo, don’t find yourself arriving at the hotel without the items that help you look and feel your best. Once you have made a list of all the essential products you need to bring, packing everything into an organized toiletry bag is an easy way to be sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Dress for the Occasion

Many wedding invitations will denote the type of attire expected from guests. An outdoor camp-themed wedding calls for a different vibe than a formal ceremony in a church. Both require very different outfits, so be sure to get a grasp on the type of venue and theme you will be attending. Additionally, there are many parts to a wedding weekend and that should influence your wedding packing essentials. From the rehearsal dinner to the cocktail party, the ceremony itself and the reception, this can call for several different outfits, or at the very least, options in your suitcase. If you’re struggling to find a personal style or fresh looks, use a subscription-based service such as StitchFix to kickstart your wardrobe for any occasion. From shoes, pants, dresses and shirts, be sure to pack a few of each and go with whatever feels best on the day of, you never know the turns the weather can take or if you will simply want options!

Don’t Forget the Gift

So you have all of your personal wedding essentials packed up and prepared and you’re ready to hit the road? But wait, don’t forget the gift! If you are bringing something small like a check, be sure to take care of it and not let it get all crumpled up in your tote. The same can be said for a larger gift, too. Be sure to have it wrapped nicely and find out ahead of time if there will be a formal gift table for the bride and groom to gaze over. If you’re attending a destination wedding, you should also consider gift etiquette as well as part of your planning process.

Weddings are an exciting time and a special occasion to be invited to. Whatever you have coming up, cross your t’s and dot your i’s and be certain you packed all of your wedding essentials, have a blast!

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