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5 Travel Must Haves


October 16, 2023
Words by Jennifer Stein
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With 20 years of travel writing under our belt, we’ve learned a thing or two about getting to and from a destination wedding with ease. There have been plenty of products that didn’t make the cut (and that’s why you won’t read about them on our site!) and a handful that did. Below are some of our favorite travel must-haves that will make your journey go a little more smoothly.

Perfect carry-on for wedding travel


The ROAM suitcase seems to surpass all the other products we’ve tested thus far at this price point. What sets this capacious luggage apart is its full customizability. You get to choose your own personalized color palette for this suitcase — from the panels and handles to the stitching and even the wheels. Want a monogram? It’s part of the deal. With literally over a million potential color combinations, the ROAM suitcase offers the ultimate in personalization. This makes it an ideal gift for a honeymoon, and its durability ensures it will accompany you well into your marriage.

The Carry-On Expandable is the way to go if you plan to, you guessed it, carry on. Beware that the Large Carry-OnExpandable does NOT meet the requirements for size on many airlines and you may get caught gate checking your bag.The “Carry-On” and “Carry-On Expandable” sample we received and customized, proves perfect for a quick 2-4 day getaway. Those meet carry-on standard dimensions, and despite its hard-shell design, it offers enough flexibility to accommodate your packing needs because of it’s ability to expand. The case is remarkably lightweight, the wheels glide effortlessly, almost as if on ice, and its aesthetics have people approaching us at the front desk more than once. Customize an entire set to really 

Starting at $595, ROAM luggage is an investment worth considering. What’s more, they offer a risk-free 100-day trial for their custom-made products in the USA.

Must-have luggage for travel


Picture this: you’re racing through the airport so you don’t miss your connection. As you run with your tote bag balancing on top of your carry-on, every five feet, it slips off and drags on the floor only for you to have to stop and reposition it. By the 10th time, you give up and put your tote over your shoulder and by the time you make it to your gate (out of breath and with a sore shoulder) they close the door and you miss your flight. If only you had something that hadn’t slowed you down! 

Cincha Travel Belt is one of the best products I travel with now. That above scene has been me more times than I can count. This glorious invention allows you to slide the belt over the handle of your carry-on and secure your tote bag on top. No more slipping, no more slowing and no more sore shoulders. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match just about any luggage set. And for a price point of $39.99, it makes a great gift for guests.

Compact travel pillow


The J Pillow was a travel hack discovered by one of our editors and then gifted to multiple people at Destination I Do. Shaped like the letter J, it provides head, neck and chin support. It’s been listed as one of the best travel pillows by countless sites and travel advisors. And you don’t need to be in a window seat to use it, I’ve tried this baby out in the middle and aisle seats and it works great. The only draw back is that you cannot remove the cover, so you have to wash the entire pillow. It comes in a small bag, so you can toss it into just about any carry-on bag or attach it to the outside.

Under seat leg hammock for planes


It doesn’t seem to matter which airline you choose, flying economy is the pits. The seats are small, they barely recline (and you may be risking your life if you DO recline) and legroom? What’s that? I’m 5’4” and I can’t seem to get comfortable. For long flights, or a red-eye, this is an accessory I can’t live without. The Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest is basically a hammock for your feet. You snap it around the tray table (totally moot if you’re in a row that doesn’t have seats in front of you) adjust it to the desired height and simply rest your legs. Paired with the J Pillow, it will feel like you sprung for business class without the hit to your wallet.

Collapsible luggage


If you’ve ever checked into your cabin on a cruise ship, no matter how big your room is, you’re tight for space and luggage quickly becomes an issue. Sometimes there is room to store it under the bed when it’s not in use, but most of the time you’re stuck moving it from place to place and it becomes an annoyance. The Rollink hard sided carry-on allows you to collapse it completely, so you can easily fit it in the back of the closet, on a shelf or under the bed. It’s one of the most light-weight hard sided carry-ons I’ve ever used and would be great for someone who doesn’t want the added bulk. 

No matter where you’re headed, travel comfortably and in style with these vetted and loved products from our editor’s list of must-haves. 

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